How long do I wait?....

My neighbours have just separated and the guy moved out all his stuff and left his wife the house.She's there all on her own,her friends visit alot but at night she's alone.
She's a damn fine woman and I would offer my support and don't get me wrong,i'm single,so I would hit that if it became possible.
So i'm wondering how long should i leave it to try and get into her pants?I'm not sure why they split up,so if it was because one of them cheated she might not want to jump into bed,because it would be cheating as they're still married.But then again if he did cheat she might have pay back on her mind.
Anyway i'm not a womanizer or anything i just hate seeing guys with a hot girl and throw it all away and the poor girl left alone.I mean i'd date her too,so its not just sex.
Maybe i'll just go round and see how she is and play it

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  • Well the marriage could have been over for sometime and he is now just moving out. Since you are neighbors, you may want to be clear in your mind as to what you're looking for. Not sure how often you see one another now, if something started and didn't work out how uncomfortable would the neighborhood be for you. Maybe suggest dinner and see how things go before you get in too deep and go from there.

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