Is it ok to go braless at home?

I need help and support on this one so i have turned to the internet. Is it ok to not wear a bra at home?
Ever since i got boobs and started wearing a bra i liked to go without for a bit, but my mom wasn't happy.
Lately she has insisted i wear one as it is distracting to my dad and brother, but this is why i object.
Firstly if it 'distracts' them that's their issue, they should not be looking at their daughters / sisters boobs in the first place.
Secondly it doesn't bother me, i am comfortable with my body, and i am used to men and boys looking at me, so i actually don't care if they look, it's just boobs lol.
So who's in the right here?
Please say if you are M or F, in replies.


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  • My wife and I are open about sex and nudity and it's rare we are dress at home . Growing up with us nude our son and daughter don't have a problem with is being nude and join us at times .

  • You shouldn't wear a bra period. It only makes your breasts atrophy.

  • Moms been away. So with mom away, the house seems quiet, with no one to tell me what to do. Also it's been hot, so taken to wearing just a bikini top and short shorts round the house as super comfy. On sat night the plan was to have pizza in front of the TV. I often wear PJs in the evening so decided to change, with mom not around i went for a silk play suit, very light. I didn't wear a bra and i have to admit i felt the top half was revealing even for me, but i was wearing it in protest!
    Anyway things went a bit wrong when i reached for a slice of pizza and my boob popped out. Oops
    A little flash never mind.
    Me and dad were on the sofa, The film was long so part way through i laid down on a cushion on my dads lap, realising straight away that my brother could now see up the play suit and see my ass. I had panties on so tried not to worry, even if he was getting an eyeful.
    I must have fallen asleep, when i woke up the room was quiet, but there was a hand on my boob! Omg dad NO that's gross. I stayed silent and his hands wandered alot, all over my body, ass etc.
    I made a noise he moved his hand and i faked waking up. I got up and indicated it was time for bed but my dad wanted to stay put, i think he had a boner under the cushion.
    Don't know what to think, pretty freaked out

  • See your mom was right all along.

  • I have always encouraged my wife and our two daughters 16 and 17 to go topless and even naked in our home, my wife has shaved for years and started shaving the girls as soon as they got pubes she still does and often I watch, we have sex with our bedroom door open or ajar and the girls masturbate with their doors open or ajar we have purchased toys for both of them plus they have been on the pill for over two years.

  • My daughter 18 is such a bitch she refuses to wear her bikini top when swimming or sun bathing in our pool area and encourages all her friends to do the same, they are not permitted over unless they are topless, they draw straws to see who will lose their bikini when getting out, they all have terrific bodies and shave, sometimes they sunbath naked.
    We have condo's overlooking our rear yard pool area and I receive plenty of complaints (mainly anonymous in the mailbox) from women in the units because their husbands and sons will not stay away from the windows/balconies and most have purchased scopes for a better look.
    My daughter just says that is their problem not mine old bags obviously don't give out enough.

  • Wow love to see them

  • Your dad and will notice when your nipples are on show

  • On the original post -- I agree for all the reasons you state. You need only to stick to your guns.

    Clearly, dad and your brother have no problem here. Mom is the only issue. So here's my thoughts.

    1. Push the envelope. Find stuff that is even more revealing. If you find flesh-toned tops, that will help make the outline of your nips visible. If you wear stretchy material on top, your nips will reveal themselves whenever they are erect.

    2. You need to isolate mom. Doing stuff in point 1 will make mom even more unhinged. She'll start riding you hard. Dad and brother will secretly want you to stick to your guns. You need to recruit THEIR support in this!

    3. If mom stages a 'show down,' you can still win. If she insists on a cat fight, you can say that you're done discussing this. The guys can look. In their presence, you can pop your top and let them gawk all they want. 'There -- it's a moot point. They've seen everything, so the bra doesn't matter.

    4. When she demands you put your clothes on, tell her that you'll CONSIDER that ONLY when she stops stepping on your ass for this. Understand that YOU'RE not changing, and mom has to learn to behave or ... you know what to do. This is about power. Take it from her. All power to you.

    Boobs rule!

  • You make it sound so simple, but i think flashing would weaken my cause. This is an argument where we talk around the subject. I can hardly say 'dad, wanna see my tits'. I only get away with braless because we don't talk too much about it. My dad would be forced to back my mum if we talked about it, he could never admit to liking my boobs, same goes with my brother.
    The only way it works is if i don't complain about them looking, and they look subtly enough to deny it. Besides this is not about showing off it's about choice and comfort

  • Then I think you've struck on the right approach. After all -- you live in that situation. Others can speculate, but you're the one who must live with whatever happens. Take care!

  • The latest issue is tummies it seems, wearing short tops with my tummy on show is too much. I think crop tops are a good look, and no worse than swimwear.

  • I have been with my wife for ten years now and she never wears a bra!
    she has many guys and women look at her but she doesn't care.
    I look at it like this if you are 18 and want to go without a bra do it after all its your body and you should be able to do as you want.
    if your mom has a problem with it just tell her it your choice to go without it.

  • Being a dad in a nudist community as we are I agree with you they are just boobs. We certainly take a different view of being free to wear or wear nothing than your mom does. Growing up in a very conservative family I understand why she has the opinion that she has.

    That said you can get all the support from the net or anyone else BUT it's your mom with the say so in your case.

  • Thanks for your comment, do you have daughters? What age? How do you feel seeing them naked?
    I imagine the man vs father conflict is harder for you

  • The man v father conflict does not ever bother me at my house in llanbradach south Wales .a female is just a female to me . bring it on I say

  • We have 2 pretty daughters 12 & 15. I have no conflict I see them as my daughters. Living naked naked is normal for our family. Our friends daughters we have watched grow up clothes free and think of them as our own. All the kids have no self esteem problems and are quite confident much opposed to their school peers.

  • I find this hard to believe, you describe your daughters as pretty, yet when naked, there is not even a hint of arousal? Even if this is the case, surely the same could not be said of your friends daughters. Has nudism stopped you finding the female body attractive? If so does this not limit sex? I assume your almost celibate/impotent?

  • You assumption is not correct. My wife and I have a fantastic relationship which includes being intimate regularly. No I don't get aroused by my kids or anyone elses. Being a true naturalist has nothing to do with sex. No it has not stopped me from finding the female body attractive. The female form is truly a beautiful thing.

  • Well said that man

  • I don't know if anyone cares, lol, but it has been warm enough to sunbathe lately, so i have been in the yard on a sun lounger in bikinis alot. It's really winding my mom up as let's be fair a bikini does not leave much to the imagination. But hang on, she wears one on holiday, as do i, what's the freakin difference???
    Ok i accept my bikinis tend to be a little smaller and a couple are thong back, but they are small to avoid awkward tan lines. And speaking of tan lines, when i am laid on my front and i undo my straps, that's because i don't want a line across my back, and it's not topless sunbathing unless i turn over!!!
    I feel really comfortable in a bikini, and have accepted for years that guys will look at girls in bikinis, regardless of who they are. I feel truly blessed with my body, as i don't exactly work out but i have a perfect flat tummy so wearing crop tops and bikinis makes me feel good about myself.
    Ok rant over, anyone want to swap moms for the summer?

  • I go braless and knickerless around the house all the time I feel free, mum only objects if I wear a short when my dad and brother are at home because they both look at my tits and if I am sat opposite either of them they try to see my cunt I quits like showing it, it makes me wet if I open and shut my legs so they get the full view of it, my dad is the worst he gets all hot and bothered I can see the bulge in his trousers after he while he goes up to the bathroom I know he has gone for a wank that really pleases me and makes me more excited, I like showing my private parts for sexual stimulation, I did it once in a café I sat with my legs open but I got unwanted attention

  • You can vist my house in llanbradach south Wales anytime soon and stop as long as you want my sweetie

  • Wish I could visit your house! Haha! Seriously, what if it was turned around and your brother walked around in tight undies all day? How would you feel?

  • Hell yes, good girl love it 😘😘

  • Hey, can i ask how old you are?

  • Who cares age is just a useless number

  • M, and if you are OK with it, then that is all that matters. It is no different than if you were sunbathing in a bikini, which could have the same effect on them. If you don't mind them checking you out, then that's your choice, and it should be OK to go topless around the house, even in front of your dad and brother. I think your mom just doesn't want to embarrass them by tempting them into ogling you. But seriously, understand, that they will check you out, and you shouldn't get mad at them or judge them for it, because that's just guys. Just looking at boobs is not incest, and shouldn't be a big deal.
    I don't have a daughter or a sister, but I remember seeing my mom topless on many occasions during my late teens and twenties (she liked to sit on the couch and watch TV topless for some reason). She wasn't trying to be sexual or seductive at all (she's very plain, homely, and overweight, so that wasn't an issue). However, seeing her boobs was "distracting" for me, and I'd sit down and "watch TV" with her and just look at her boobs the whole time, but that wasn't her fault. I saw that as my issue to deal with, and I would go masturbate to relieve my tension. Then I could just sit there next to her no problem. I don't think she cared, or at least she never indicated that she cared.

  • You seem to have a slightly weird relationship with your mum. I don't judge my dad or brother, i get that there is a conflict between primal urges (boobs are great) and social acceptance (it's very wrong to look at your daughters / sisters boobs). But it's surely something men have to deal with every day e.g. Married men still find other women attractive, they just know they are off limits, it's the "look but don't touch rule" I see this as the same, and my mom as one of those wife's who attacks their husband every time a pretty girl catches his eye. Just lighten up and trust him or your both gonna be unhappy! Rant over
    It's gonna be bikini weather soon, that's just gonna make it worse

  • M, and from a purely health related standpoint, you should definitely go braless in the comfort and security of your own home. From what I hear, It's actually beneficial for your boobs to be free since having them suspended by your bra all day can make them weaker due to atrophy. From a social standpoint, you shouldn't be punished for your father and brother oggling at you; not only is that unjust, it's just plain creepy

  • Another benefit! By the time she's 40, they'll dangle around her navel. LOL!

  • Hey thanks fir the comment, i did not know that about boobs, good to know. I have never had an issue with sagging, i guess I'm really pert, haha don't mean to brag. Glad you support my view, interesting to hear a guy call my dad and brother creepy, i kinda expect guys to suggest inappropriate things, so that's refreshing, maybe your the one nice guy out there ;)

  • My young daughter runs around our house all the time with no bra on, and sometimes with no shirt or panties on. Nothing wrong with it, but we do make her cover up when we have friends over. Nudity is just a natural part of life. She also has the cutest ass and most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Her mother is really jealous of her body, but she knows that she is no threat to our marriage, and is not upset, as long as she is included in our sex play.

  • Your young daughter can run around my house in llanbradach south Wales naked I would love to meet her mmm

  • I hope this isn't true

  • I hope it is very much true

  • When I am in my home I only wear a loose fitting dress, mum isn't happy about my dad looking up my arse but I don't care

  • Hi, can i ask your age? How much is on show? Is your mom upset with you or your dad?

  • When ime at home I only wear shorts and t-shirt, my brother and dad notice and have a look I don't mind its family

  • Hey, what's ur age?, what is visible? How much do they look?

  • M 19. If you don't want it to be a big deal when you're at home, try wearing a hoodie. The thicker material will be more concealing and your nips won't shoe through. Plus, hoodies are comfy in general. Also, while flaunting it may sound like a good idea at first, I think your best bet is to just not bring it up. If you act like it's normal and no big deal, your pervy family will grow accustomed to it quicker. And it can also be sexier to be relaxed and sexy. Most people try too hard.

  • Hey, thanks for the advice, but our house is quite warm, so not sure a hoody would work

  • Fine at home, but in public -- do the double-barrel sling shot.

  • M or F, and yea i wear one out the house. (we'll mostly, some dresses are better without)

  • F, I love showing my body. I had the best summer cause I developed early. No regrets

  • Hey, can i ask your age? And if your talking about your past how old were you at the time? Did you have the same dad / brother issue? When you say you love showing your body what do you mean, do you deliberately go further than braless? For me its about the feeling and comfort, not showing them off.

  • F, the only problem with you go braless in the place that is your own home (the place where you should feel comfortable and us girls know that nothing feels better than removing the cursed titty trap at the end of the day) is when your body is sexualized. Fuck being told to wear a bra, if it's a problem they should be told to stop looking not

  • I didn't mean not at the end lol

  • Hey, thanks for your reply, do you mind me asking your age? Thanks for the support, i agree no girl should be 'told' to wear a bra. Yes it's their problem, not mine. But here's the thing, i don't actually care if they look (is that bad?) it's my mom who complains, so is it her problem?

  • M, first just curious how old are you, but if you don't mind them looking then go without the bra...maybe even ask your dad to stick up for you with your mom ( and since he's enjoying the view he may very well do it)

  • I'm 16. Not sure dad would stick up for me, mom would hour at him. Thanks for your thoughts

  • I am a man, and I must say, if you got em, flaunt em. All men will look at a nice rack of hooters, it's just what we do. Women have no obligation to try to hide their boobs, at home, or any place else.

  • Thanks, we'll said we don't have any obligation to hide them. And yes i get all men look at boobs, whoever's they are, i don't judge them for it.

  • (M) Yes it is fine. Dad and Bro are gross but thats what happens when you have testicles.

  • Yea, I'm old enough to know your right

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