Abusive boyfriend

When I was younger I got with a guy who was super sweet at first until we got together. Then things turned around and he got abusive and manipulative. Would tell me how my parents were controlling and didn't want me to be with him. Really got into my head about how everyone was fake and only he loved me.

At seventeen he got me to move out of my parents house and live with him in his mom's basement, which he had turned into a room, and she was okay with it. As he was the Apple of her eye and could do nothing wrong. All he did was smoke weed all day and play video games. While I went to school( he dropped out) and when I got home he would always be super jealous go through my phone and ask what guys hit on me today and were trying to take me away from him.

I wasn't allowed to go hang out with friends because they were just trying to break us up, and the only time I could was if they came over and hung out with me there while he would play video games and smoke more weed.

He would get me blow him while he was gaming so he could brag to all his friends about it. He stopped wearing condoms and told me I wouldn't make him if I loved him. I thought I did so I told him he didn't have too. It only got worse from there as he tried to get me pregnant( he didn't. ) but he kept hiding my birth control or throwing it away completely.

We had sex everytime he wanted too. I'd be late for school because he wanted morning sex. He would cum in me or on me and not let me take a shower before going because he wanted other guys to smell I was marked by him.

It even got to the point where he talked me into having a threesome with him, if I loved him, with one of my friends he thought was cute. And I did it. She was a shy, awkward introvert like me. So I said I would try.

So I got her over and we all smoked weed together. He flirted with her and said crude things. Brought up threesomes a lot and then went upstairs for something to give me the chance to persuade her. We smoked some more and I finally brought it up to her, and after some convincing she agreed and when he came back down we have him what he wanted.

We did everything he wanted. Shared him. Rode him. He would say how now he owned us both. And how he belonged to him. I got upset but again he used the magic words if you loved me and went back to doing everything he wanted.

My eyes didn't open until my friend got pregnant from him, and that moment I realize what a piece of shit he was, and how shitty of a person I was to get her involved in the situation. It took a lot of effort but I finally got out of there.

I feel so embarrassed for being so dumb and getting her connected to that asshole for the rest of her life and I never got pregnant.

I find it even more embarrassing that I look back on that time and get turned on from time to time from the threesome even though it disgusted me so much back then. I don't know what is wrong with me. Maybe I'm just a sick person deep down.


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  • Definitely sounds like a relationship to get away from for sure. There are people in this world who will take control of whoever will let them do it. Learn from it and find your own pathway. My wife and I treat each other well and with respect, we have had threesomes with both men and women, most of the time it is her finding them. We are open and honest with each other supporting each others dreams. I hope you find someone who will treat you the same way.

  • You live and you learn no ones perfect in this 🌍

  • Don't feel bad about getting turned on by the threesome. Sure it was bad, but it was still sex and sex can be a turn on. Glad you got outta there!

  • Some women just like being abused. I love it. But you don't have to be with a dickbag who will abuse you. Find a guy that abuses you because you want it.

  • 3somes are cool and I have been in a few. The real issue is being manipulated by a sociopath. You were young but had the smarts to get out. Find a nice guy with a job and dreams for a future. Then discuss your open minded sexuality with him. Whole new world 😊

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