Wife had the idea

So the wife and I were laying in bed. Nothing naughty happening. Just relaxing with our phones in hand. Then she just out of the blue asks if I've ever done a threesome. I told her that it was kind of a threesome. She asked what that meant. I told her that I was at a party about 15 years ago and long story short went into the bedroom with 2 girls. I was taking turns making out with both. One would go down on me while I was making out with the other and then Id switch. I had sex with one, made her cum then had sex with the other until we both came.

Then I asked her if she had. She said she could have but chickened out. I asked how long ago. She said a year before we got together. She was at a work party and could have had sex with a couple guys but didn't because she's married. She said it's been a fantasy of hers but she would never jeopardize our marriage.

I asked if she wanted me and another guy or me and another girl. She said both. I instantly perked up and started to get horny. I said, "Another girl huh?" She said, "Yeah. I wouldn't mind eating pussy or having another girl eat mine." I said, "That would be hot. I'd totally be up for that." She said, "Really?" I said, "Totally. So about the 2 guys thing. How would you want that to go?" She said, "You really want to know?" I said, "Absolutely." She said, "Me suck you while another guy fucks me or other way around. I also kinda want to see you get another guy hard and him fuck me." I said, "Like me suck him off a bit?" She said, "Yeah, like that." I said, "Well, if it's your fantasy..." She said, "You'd do it?" I said, "To fulfill a sexual fantasy? Yeah."

She knows that I fooled around with a guy years before I met her but doesn't know that I'd happily do it again.

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  • I'll take you both on!

  • Make it happen ASAP!

  • Sounds hot, but why not go for a foursome instead?

  • Man, so envious! You have to take this opportunity!

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