Good wife Bad time

For those who care, this is a true story that happen in 2007. My wife and I had been married 15 yrs at this point with two small children we had adopted 3 yrs prior due to our inability to get pregnant. Anyway, a little about us. I was 38 and she was a beautiful 35yr old milf with an olive complexion, brown hair and a nice two yr old boob job. My wife was always very modest, marriage and family oriented which I had alway found a little counter to her beautiful looks. She was head of a dept. at work where she ordered, purchased and surplussed equipment. This was a govt. job so there were a couple of trustees, actually they were more that, they were in a transition faze about to be released and basically had a curfew and that’s about all. One in particular, who I never met but had heard about, was very good looking. Rick(I’ll call him) was helpful to my wife, building shelving and things for her at work. Now, things with us on the other hand weren’t so great about this time. Bad economy in 2007 meant slow business and layoffs for me and having just built a nice home I was extremely irritable with worry. Admittedly, I was an asshole to live with during this time. Of course, this meant no sex for the past several months. When my wife and I had first met she had a small landing strip, after we married she began shaving completely. Now, I assume, after no intimacy she had let it go to where it was almost a bush. Now I had noticed my wife beginning to put more effort into her look, tighter dresses, tighter tops and tight jeans and boots when she was allowed to dress casual at work. I also noticed one day when she got out of the shower, she had a shaved pussy once again. Why all of a sudden? We still weren’t having sex at this point. I tried to step it up and initiate sex more often. She was receptive but I became more curious when she tried different positions with me, seemingly more uninhibited, putting a pillow under her hips to allow me to bang her harder and even telling me on one occasion that she wanted us to orgasm together.

Unless she had been reading a book something else had been happening. One other thing, she had told me that another lady in the office who had been flirting with Rick had supposedly flashed him and she had heard the guys joking that this other lady needed to trim her bush. It wasn’t long after that I noticed my wife coming out of the shower with, you guessed it, a shaved pussy. I began to worry. A month or so went by and this lady and my wife had a falling out of some sort that was work related. This ladies husband also worked in this building and I had known him for many years-we weren’t friends but we knew each other. I tracked his number down one day and called him. He said he had noticed my wife dressing more provocative and had heard somethings from his wife and that I needed to fix things at home. I pushed him and he told me he had heard that rick and my wife were fooling around. He didn’t know if it were true but he agreed to set up a phone call between rick and myself. Actually Rick agreed to the phone call mostly I think because he was afraid I might mess him up on his release if I made a fuss. I found Rick straightforward and he admitted he and my wife had been sleeping together. He apologized and said she had recently ended it. He told me she was a great woman, very kind and sweet who was obviously going through something at home. He told me he meant no disrespect, they just hit it off and guessed they just fulfilled each other’s needs for a time. I asked for some details. He told me the first time was a little after work they were in the equipment room and she walked right up to his face and looked into his eyes, he got the signal and they kissed. They fucked right there. I asked him if he could describe her naked to me and he did. Busty tits, shaved pussy, loved having her pussy eaten and got off very easily doing so. Her nipples were her triggers and playing with them got her hot as hell. He said they fucked a couple times in the equipment room, once in the office, and the rest of the times in a hotel room when she/they would leave work early. I asked if she sucked his cock and he said yes. I asked if she ever swallowed his cum and he said yes every time they had sex she either sucked him off first before fucking or she would suck him off after fucking always swallowing his cum. That was enough for me to hear. I promised him I wouldn’t say anything because my wife would get into trouble as well. He thanked me, apologized again and hoped we worked it out because she was really a good woman. I confronted my wife with what I knew, she didn’t deny any of it spare the details. I apologized for my part as did she. We have been happily married to each other ever since and on some occasions I convince her to tell me some sordid details of the dirty things she did while we’re fucking.


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  • Damn! Just blew my load! I wonder how many other wives have been up to this at work!

  • My wife and I have a similar situation - she and her ex had one of those "final fucks" when we first started dating. She told me about it 15 years into our marriage, so obviously I didn't get mad (what's the point after all that time had passed, right?) ... Anyway, now and then she'll tell me some more details, and truthfully it really turns me on knowing how bad she was in our earlier days!

    She and her ex had had a kid already by the time I came into the picture, so they had to communicate still for many years as they arranged visitation and whatever. She still profusely says they only fucked that one time, but recently she's been confessing that some of their phone calls got quite steamy (both of them masturbating during those calls, she was a stay at home mom while he was a sales guy who traveled a lot). The last of these calls was 6 or 7 years ago now, and I did get it out of her that she really did enjoy them.

  • That's kinda a sweet story, given the happily ever after ending

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