I unleashed the beast within

My wife and I have been married for a while. Long enough to have two kids together and for both to be out of the house. We did have both kids when we were both fairly young. Young enough to be in our very early 40s with grown children.

We have a pretty active sex life and we are both very open and honest about our sexuality. She told me about 4 years ago that she has been cheating on me with her best friend (another woman) for our entire marriage. I told her that I didn’t really consider her sleeping with her lesbian lover as cheating because it’s been a huge bucket list item to watch her have sex with another woman. Since telling her that she has indeed let me watch.

I told her that I had a gay relationship for about 4 years before I met her. I told her just like that. She asked how soon/far was it to when i met her. I told her that he and I lived together when I met her. We weren’t a couple once she and I started dating but we were still having sex until Mary and I moved in together. She was super interested in that fact. She asked how often we were having sex when I was dating her. I told her before she and I had sex, Ryan and I were having sex 3-4 times a week. Afterwards it was still twice a week. Her reaction was, “Holy shit! So you really do love dick! So I assume you were the top?” I said, “No dear. I was the bottom.” She wasn’t even mad. She said, “I’m fucking you with my strap on tonight and if we do a threesome, you’re taking a dick for me.”

So let’s fast forward to about a year ago. I told her that I wanted her to start having sex with other men. She perked up immediately. She said, “You serious?” I said, “Yes very.” She said, “Any stipulations?” I said, “Nope.” She said, “So I can fuck your brother?” I said, “I mean if you want to.” She said, “Oh I want to. I almost have probably a dozen times.” I said, “Has he been coming on to you?” She said, “No. I flirt with him. Then I shut it down before it gets too far.” I said, “How far is too far?” She said, “Penetration.” I said, “So you’ve done other things?” She said, “Of course.” I said, “Like what?” She said, “Just oral. He’s eaten me out a few times and I’ve sucked his dick.” I said, “How many times?” She said, “Jeez, no idea. After 18 years? Probably like 300 times.” I said, “And you haven’t had sex yet?” She said, “No. Close though.” I said, “How close.” She said, “Oh really damn close. He’s had it inside me.” I said, “So when are you gonna do it?” She said, “Probably tomorrow after work.”

12 days

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    • My wife and I have had an open sexual relationship since the beginning of our marriage she was excited about me being bisexual and she was very sexuality active before and after we were married. She always wanted to watch me with other men because I am a bottom and after the first time she seen me sucking cock and getting ass fucked she had so many questions for me. Like how it feels and if I really liked sucking cock and swallowing cum. I told her that it's just like her with other men only I am a guy doing it and I don't have feelings for men I just enjoy the sex just like she does. Being open minded about sex and not having to hide how we both feel has worked out for us I still worry about her when she is with different men and I am not around but so far she has been okay.

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