Butt bouncing Barry

My name is Barry and whenever I feel really frustrated I want to sit on the floor and bounce up and down on my butt until me butt is very sore. I don’t know why it works for me but it sure is embarrassing.

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  • Simply hilarious!!! I would pay money to watch this!!!

  • This would actually be funny to watch.

  • What are the chances that there are two lame ass retards named Barry that bounce on their butts? If this is BarryBJ, may you bounce on your butt so long and hard that you cannot even see straight. You deserve to have a sore ass.

  • If it is Blowjob Barry, I hope he is so embarrassed that he passes out from extreme public embarrassment.

  • That is actually funny! I hope you bounce until your ass is so sore you pass out!

  • May your butt be constantly sore Barry!!!

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