So humiliated

My husband and I were drinking and having sex and playing with Ben wa balls when the door bell rang. I started to take them out before answering the door but he told me to leave them in so I did.

I threw on a terry robe and headed to the door followed closely by my husband. I opened the door to find 4 of my husbands friends. They came in and my husband asked me to take them out to the pool while he hit some beer.

We sat and drank for hours. My husband wouldn’t let me go get dressed and they kept commenting on my short robe and how ‘sexy’ it was. It was so embarrassing but it got worse when my husband announced that I had Ben wa balls in my pussy. I felt my whole body flush with redness. The guys laughed and made rude comments. Ronnie said he wanted to see so my husband told me to show them. I felt a huge rush and my knees buckled.

‘Take off your robe’ my husband commanded me. I slowly took it off and stood naked in front of the guys. Then my husband had me sit in a lawn chair open my legs and remove the balls.

F that want humiliating enough I was told that someone found a picture of me online naked and taking them out. I found it I’m so humiliated

2 months ago

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    • Yea?humilitated?
      And i bet wet & aroused by the whole
      Situation wishing they all would have
      Taken you

    • Well, in your defense, you were drunk....and, dumb. Really fucking dumb !

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