I haven't told him

Not sure if this would count as lying or not. I have not told my husband of two months. That when I was in high school there was an alert out because of a man that was masturbating in front of girls near some wood's. I was not the most beautiful girl in school I was a little chubby and not super popular , mostly because my parents were drunk's. So one day walking home from my friends house I noticed a man who was walking towards the woods. He got as far as the entrance and then partially hid himself by a tree and some bushes. I quickly stopped and ran to a different trail and snuck up on him. He had his pants down and was jerking off he was looking from side to side I'm guessing to see if anyone was coming. I got a lot closer within 5 feet. I cleared my throat and he turned around and jumped. Hi I said. At first he stopped jerking but then started again. I began telling him to be careful because the school and police were looking for him. I told him that some girls have told on him. He stuttered as he said that he was sorry but he was so horny he couldn't help it. Then asked if I was scared. I said no I said I'm pretty sure I can easily out run you. He laughed. He asked if I would be willing to come over to his place and just watch him. I shrugged my shoulders and sure why not. He and I went to his place I stood in the front door and watched him jerk it until he came. I started stopping by more and more often. I eventually started helping him then that turned into more and of course that turned into even more. Until I was having sex with him on a regular basis. He was my first and a very nice but slightly disturbed man. We would watch some adult movies and then try out things we saw. He on many occasions gave me money and was always nice to me. One day I was on my way there when I noticed that the police were everywhere around his house , not sure why. I never saw him again.

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