Dark fantasy

I am a married and very happy. But a deep, dark fantasy of mine is to be picked up and taken home with a man who treats me like queen. He takes me as his lover and makes me his total bottom slave, but in a kind, loving way. He then “alters” my manhood so I am no longer truly a man and could never go home. I then stay with him as his companion for ever.

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  • So the fantasy goes....
    It began when I was 20 something and seeing my now wife. I had a male lover as well. I was total submissive with him. He wanted me to ditch her and just be with him. He’s wealthy, not filthy rich, but very comfortable. He’s also older than me by about ten years. I let him know I’m getting pressure from her to propose. The fear in his eyes is clear. He offers one weekend with him and I’ll never want to leave. I say I’ll let him try. Friday night, we start out with a full meal prepared by a shef there at his home. We have it, then to the bedroom where he makes sweet, gentle love to me. All time whispering he’s going to free me from this torment of two lives. After the first time, he takes a blue pill, and we begin smoking a bowl. He then ties me up, which I love. He then bands my balls, telling me it’s a new game. High as a kite, and ignorant to the dangers, I play along. We smoke and fuck pretty much all night. I pass out at some point, my balls still banded. I wake in the morning, no longer bound, but handcuffed. Not surprised, I often pass out from weed, and he often continues to enjoy me. I still feel high. Not like stoned, but feeling unfamiliarily good, certainly feeling no pain. The day goes on, wall to wall sex. We stay stoned all day Saturday, and much of Sunday. I finally tell him I can’t stay this messed up, I have to work tomorrow. He said not to worry about it. That I could stay with him and not have to work. I said in appreciated it but I can’t lose my job. I pass out again. Next thing I know, it’s Wednesday. He tells me my balls have died, yes they’re still banded. He says I may as well stay now, she won’t want me, I’m no good to her, or any other woman. And I’ve probably lost my job. He keeps me detained while I calm down for a few days. The shock and anger begin to wear off. Logic sets in and I stay with him, forever his kept, bottom eunuch.

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