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My wife and I went to Florida for a month long vacation in February. While we were there, she was seduced by the next door neighbor of the house that we rented. My wife was soon being fucked by him. I didn't know what to do but I thought that it would be over as soon as we headed home.
When it was time to head home, my wife told me that she would be staying with him and I should go home. I was upset but I went home. I asked her if she would be coming home and she said that she didn't know.
But last week, she called me and told me that she would come home if I wanted her to. I want her to come back but my family and friends know that she stayed in Florida with another man. It will be embarrassing if she comes back. Should I ask her to come home to me after she lived with another man for three months?

Jun 5
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    • Unless you've been castrated and had a spinectomy you should file for divorce now. How on earth can she be so shallow as to allow herself to be seduced just like that? Why the fuck do you want her back? She's not the woman you knew and married. She's left you and your home. Get rid of her while you can. You are in a great position to divorce now. She can be served by mail, process server, email or other means approved by the court. Work with the best attorney you can afford. Don't even reply to her. Cut off communications and let her get your answer when she is served.

    • Take her back, play on her guilt and shame. Have fun now, pushing her into bed with other men while you watch. Take some nude pictures of her posing in slutty positions and show them to a few select guys. She'll get that lustful look from the guys/s seasoning I showed her pictures to them and that should convince her that she is now your slut toy.

    • She doesen't respect you, what if you did the same to her? Would she welcome you back?

    • Keep us advised on what you decide and the outcome

    • No, she made her bed let her lie in it

    • Let her have a boyfriend, women need to have multiple love interests to keep it interesting.

    • You should tell her to bring her boyfriend so you can suck his cock

    • Let here come home. Get all your mates around and let them fuck her silly then tell her to piss off.

    • Leave her.
      I took mine back - had 3 more kids - while she continued to cheat on me - then SHE left me for 2 younger guys. I got the kids.....and learned lesson - finally!

    • Fuck that cunt

    • The guy must have gotten tired of her. Grow some balls and dump her like last week's garbage, something you should have done when you came back home. You won't be able to trust her, so if you took her back it would only be short term.

    • I had a similar experience, I made the mistake of taking her back. Never could trust her, in fact it wasn't long before I didn't find her attractive. Then I found why she asked to come back, she'd said that she realized she'd made a mistake, what really happened was that when he had spent all her money he kicked
      her out.
      That's when I filed and kicked her out. Best thing I had ever done

    • Tell her to stay there and you’re done.

      That type of behavior will be repeated

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