I prefer her

When i was 15 and she was 17, my sister and i got drunk and ended up having sex with each other. it was an accident but neither of us could hide that we enjoyed it, so we continued to do so every now and then, just for fun or when either one of us had an itch to scratch, if you get my drift. this continued well into adulthood, but we never made this sort of relationship public for obvious reasons. so far we haven't been discovered and, as far as we know, no one has ever suspected us.
thing is, she now has a husband, i have a wife, and despite sometimes feeling bad about doing them wrong, we still hook up a lot (i am now 33, and she's 35). she makes love to his husband, and i make love to my wife, but we have never made love to each other. we mostly fuck in the rawest way we can when we need actual fun and pleasure, to the point the bed ends up reduced to a wet mess of our fluids. i do love my wife, but fucking my sister, as wrong as it is, is what fulfills me sexually, and that's the same for her (she has this ability to squirt even from ass fucks that i just can't get enough of.)

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  • Gotta love a squirter;)

  • My cousin was a bit older than me she was dating this guy and I had just started dating this girl. I was telling I had sex for the first time she had known I was a virgin and I was all excited about it. We was close like that more like a sister best friend a few days later again talking. We was smoking weed my girlfriend had made a comment I had a really big dick. I told my cousin what she said my cousin laughed saying us girls say that to make guys feel good. It made since to me and I shrugged it off in our conversation she was always honest. I was pretty buzzed she felt my thigh and gripped my bulge you feel like you have a big one she said laughing. I jumped away shocked we had never done anything or hinted to be like that. But it. Felt nice and Infelt my cock responding, show me how big it is she said. I quickly came back with show me yours and then I’ll show you mine. She smiled and removed her top unhooked her bra she had nice summer sized tits good B cups. Show me your she said I started removing my clothing telling her she need to take bottoms off. She giggled saying of your big I will I laughed figuring tits was a fair trade anyways.she opened her mouth wide I was rock hard already. She reached out gripping my cock you have a really nice cock cuz she bit her lip. My hands started feeling her tits and we started kissing she started removing her jeans and panties. I was finger fucking her with one hand and feeling her tits with the other she was squeezing and stroking my cock. She suddenly started laughing I got mad feeling awkward and self conscious. What are you fucking laughing at she had a hazy horny looks smiling saying your like three years younger than my boyfriend and way bigger. I stopped feeling self conscious instantly she pulled my cock to meet her Pussy lips

  • Been going at it with my hot older sister for years, including college and both of our marriages. We haven't stopped, either, and whenever she's stressed out or needs a break, or, we're just due, we get together and fuck like crazy. She sometimes uses it to get me to gatherings that I don't want to go to, teasing with "C'mon, come..I'll get us some alone time so we can have some fun..Can't say no to having ME, can you?".. Which I cannot.

    Nobody has ever known, but, I did have one friend in college who highly suspected, since she'd visit me alone and stay the weekend. Think he also saw me kissing her, for real, hello when she arrived one time, and it wasn't a quick, hi kiss..Was more of an arms wrapped around her, oral devouring. He asked me once, with a shit-eating grin that spoke of..I know you are..But, I only gave him general answers that revealed nothing. Wanted to keep what we do only to us.


  • Sounds HOT! Keep it up! Can’t say I’ve done anything with a sister but I’ve sex with 2 cousins. With the first, it just happened because we were in the moment. With the second, it was and still was the amazing raw fucking you described. Have gotten her pregnant twice so far with no issues.

  • LIAR.

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