Hot naughty dream....

My dream was so hot and taboo last night....

I was hanging out with my husband, dad, mom, and sisters and it must have been late I was laying on the couch falling asleep when i feel a mouth on my pussy I thought it was my husband but then I looked down and it was my dad. I started moaning and bucking my hips to feel his tongue get deeper. I told him I need more and so he climbed on top of me and slid his hard black cock into my pussy and instantly squirted. I was enjoying it so much that I begged him to cum inside me which then made him fuck me harder until I felt my dad's warm cum coat my pussy. I don't know if anyone heard us but I didn't care I wanted more.

I woke so wet and horny I masturbated. Earlier today I masturbated three more times thinking back to that dream I had and scrolled through Tumblr while masturbating.

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  • Oh fantastic, hopefully he made you pregnant

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