I love to pleasure my husband

I have been pleasuring men for years, I have two brothers who are 2 and 3 years older than I am. When my oldest brother was around fifteen he came into my room one day and his penis sticking thru the zipper of his pants. I was sitting on the floor at the time doing something and he just walked right up to me and asked me if I would suck on it. I had no idea what a BJ was but strange as this may sound when I looked up and saw his penis I was turned on, no idea why. I remember asking him after a few soft sucks how to do it, he had no clue either so I just sort of developed a rhythm and a few minutes later I got hit in the back of my throat with sperm which caused me to gag and spit everything out. He was still having an orgasm which went onto my hair and forehead. He asked if I was alright and I told him he should have told me it was going to do that but I was not mad which still surprises me thinking back on it.
He came back a few hours later and asked me if I would do it again and that is how my first summer of giving blow jobs started, I can remember giving him five or six in a single day. He kept it pretty quiet but it was only a matter of time before my other brother found out what was going on with us. I then found myself giving more blow jobs but still enjoying it because they were very nice to me and appreciated me doing it.
One summer after about two years of this sexual relationship I had developed breasts over the winter, the older one asked me one day when he came into ask for a BJ if I would do it nude. I again was excited to do it and took off my clothes, he became very interested in my body starting with my breasts and nipples. I discovered that I really liked them played with and he did it for hours which made me turned on a lot. It did not take long after that and he was exploring further down and one day his tongue began exploring, my body reacted like I had never felt in my life. God it felt good, his tongue licking me was incredible, I had my first orgasm ever from his tongue.
Fast forward into college and I met my husband during my 3rd year, it was so perfect, we fit together like two peas in a pod. I remember the first time I gave him a BJ he came so hard and was so amazed at how good it felt. He was crazy for me after that night, I gave him so many that he told me his cock was to sore for anymore.
I have never told him when I started giving and receiving oral because I think it would not be something he would handle well. I am not upset with my brothers at all because we had some really great times learning about each others bodies, I mean I had some times with them in bed that left me speechless, my younger brother absolutely became an oral expert. He told me many times that he could not believe how good I tasted, he craved it and would often do it for over an hour giving me orgasm after orgasm.
So while I am sure this not that common for siblings to engage in pleasure to this degree I still do not regret any of it, even that first time when I gagged.


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  • I think that this is more common than people realize in society. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and before I even started school my brothers had me giving them oral. I have ten siblings and in that are six brothers and I have given and received from all of them, I shared a large bed with many of them and after the lights were out hands would be everywhere. We also all took baths in a line with my grandfather washing the little kids in a large tub, he would tell us to get down in the water then he would use a soapy wash cloth on our bodies but under the water he would slid his fingers all over me rubbing between my legs.

  • I would say that you should keep on blowing you way to the top of your industry. Or maybe even a movie career?

  • Are you still pleasuring your husband on a regular basis? What would be the average per week? We (my wife and I) used to fuck a lot but that has reduced to her giving me a handjob once a week.

  • I never thought of checking for responses. I give him quite a few in a week, probably around ten or so. I mostly do it in the morning to wake him up while the kids are still asleep. I have had weeks were I have done it every morning for him.

  • You are a wonderful lady. God, you are the best. I wish I'd married a girl like you. I love oral also. Reading your story makes me horny and I want to go down on a girl like you, rim her, everything. I know you're married, but you made me hot.

  • Thanks to dames like you, sexual intimacy/ lovemaking among family members is now thriving to say the least ; mainstream to say the most. Additionally, don't be surprised at how you reacted or felt at the times you engaged in these loving activities. That is fundamentally how nature designed a loving female to submit to a loving male, especially her brother[s]. My older sister naturally complied to my needs likewise when opportunity & nature placed us in a close, private, personal setting many years ago. Of course that was only the beginning, as in your case.

  • I have only had one other woman tell me that her brother did this as well and she called it abuse. She told a different story though and it was more of a situation were her brother would make her do it. I did not tell her my past at all, I just listened to her and tried to be a good listener.

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