Saw something I shouldnt have

I was staying over night at my friends house, we do it all the time at each others places. On Saturday morning pretty early, I needed to pee and the bathroom was down the hall by my friends parents room. I walked down there and the door to there room was open a little, not much. Her parents were fucking doggy style on the bed, facing away from the door. They totally didnt know I was there.

I've seen porn before, but never had seen live sex before. Her mom was rubbing her clit and her dad was drilling away like a maniac. I wasn't turned on by it at all, just curious, so I watched for awhile. They were actually really quiet, just bonking there privates, when they let out little moans, he pulled out, and I could see sperm dripping from her moms pussy. I got the hell out of there immediately and went to pee. I didnt get caught watching.

The whole thing has me curious especially what it is like for a guy to make that sperm leave his dick. It was fascinating.

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  • You fail to state your age here however regardless of ones age, witnessing a man mating with and giving his semen to a woman is NEVER, NEVER anything that one should have second thoughts about seeing. You witnessed the expression of deep, emotional love that a man & woman have for each other. It is as natural as the day is long and of course it raised emotions in you, causing your curiosity and fascination with the process of how a man can make a woman submit to accept his sperm. Fundamentally, it is a woman's or girl's protocol to submit to a man whenever he needs to release a buildup of semen within his testicles/ scrotum. That is why you will normally see a man in the superior position above the woman when he decides to penetrate her vagina with his penis. This is the protocol of mankind & how it continues the species.

  • It's sooooo hot to walk in on someone and watch without them seeing you. My roommate at Texas A&M didn't tell me that he let his friend and his girl borrow our dorm for a while one afternoon so I come back from class to get my books for the next class and my roommate's friend is in my roommate's bed with his girl riding him. I just stood there and watched until he blew in her. They turned and saw me afterwards. It was so hot because the girl got scared and jumped up out as a reflex then ran to get clothes but the best part was seeing cum dribble out of her while she ran for her clothes. I grabbed my book and left quickly so I wouldn't have an issue with my roommate's friend.

  • It's excellent.

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