Showing her off

I recently in last 5 years at 32 that I was turned on when my fiance walked around in house with certain people there in sun dress no bra underwear just dress. Yes she didn't do the woen thing and despite how stunning she was she didn't believe it . So in hot fire passion sex she confessed fanyacys so I con fessed mine... She liked being showed off and I liked shown her off. Started wth sexy pics she said she didn't. Mind if I shared with friends with wifes.. So I swapped photos wth a couple well male to male. We let it all out... So I mentioned I did she wanted to hear what was said... I told her straight he said oh I just want to touch lick that perfect pussy... I told him she gives best ever oral... And loves it I told him I want watch her she's so good. Reply I got was u can hve all of my wife. She loved it talking acting out.. So I got real you want to show off for me.. Decided. Well slow steps. 1st she played sleep in robe.. Me n my main man quietly went in he was hard just by hair feet legs .lol. As I pull up robe she positions. Her self for nice shot... He's blowin away I uncover breast I mean round perky d cup small nipples. I decide can we go step further.. She don't say bt she puts porn on 4 she liked 1 reverse cow girl a man video us. 2 she expressed looked fun was two me another in each hand blowing both I say how you finishing she said my breasts my neck 3 slow sensual 3 way with other man.. As long as I was hard it looks good. Skip forward I asked will you do oral on 2 on lil 1 time secret.. I told her you are little petite long legged blonde sex crazed I said u deserve it I can't do enough .. Love your facial she agrees ... I meet a corp. Man I new younger... He's helping me in many ways and she is picky only certain style he fits... He brings up while at his place. He was in to wife sharing he doesn't no my girl he asked me if I wanted join in bed.. I laugh I said I want want fiance to show off for me.. I describe he offers his wife amongst others and his wife is good herself.. I tell her about situation she says I'm do this 1nce. You can do wat ever u like 1 night. I show her pic of them shes hot... Says if he makes me cum I'll make him cum. And he films us after I said what if I want video. Look at facials. She ok ... I bring her there y his wifes gone just interdiction. I start playing suddenly under dress to where she is going... And I stop but leave her nipple out he's at all were both rock solid and she says you have nice big bulge to.... I whisper lke dat she feels me and says I'll do it I say oral she says yes while home she says if were going do it do wat ever you want that u lke.. I say I want a 12 hour night see how much my baby take.... I want u after 3 way sleep in middle and when ones hard he goes then I go or both all night I want you to orgasm 20 times....She mentions if feels right shell swallow both. I'm shocked. I say how bout facial she agrees . Says ty. And u pound on his .. I say ok but I lke pounding on you watching dat face she is all in.. I set date we go theres big screen porn . I got her dress up playing hes enjoying. I give heads up... He sits next to her nude she reaches now on knees and says stand up I knew she takes all of me not small then I guide her shes getting into it I tell her ys babe take all she does. She stops goes to me and I grab her start gettin in her.... I'm now pounding she loves it were bout to switch she knows stops and jerks fast he u loads on her hand I tell her I know you want finish she puts in mouth and finishes then wife pops in no words but we left.. She says ty almost disappointed she wants to be worked... Now shes just wants us fo fill fantasies. And says I can have an his wife and her friend she just wants shows on porn video her facials expressions... While he both take turns till were done... Well they end up moving and not talked about so much. I say I will finish she said your turn I say no I like showing u off and you want more all tme. So I would love to watch u sit on a big thick cock watch u wiggle down all way and then squat and let him pound you till finished . Or not quite and you get db as much as u enjoy. She does not want me with other women so I say u let me do u when I feel right and no prob....sorry negs on situation. And no we haven't found anyone else now were split up not for any sex thing... She still pops in for sex.. Bt we only hve sex with each other.. There it is and idc she is one of kind.

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  • Ermmm..... I felt like I was reading a "homeboy" talking from "da hood"
    Ye God's! My eyes are on fire. Horrific.

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