How weird am I for liking this?

This is very weird, I can't tell anyone not even my husband. When I have had too much to drink I play hard to get with my husband. I want him to force me. I like it when he's forced himself on me. I'll say no sex tonight I'm too drunk and my husband respects it and will help me bed. In bed I'll press my butt against his crotch and place his hand on my breasts. He will get hard and I will grind him and touch him and he will ask for sex and I'll say no, but I'll be stroking him when I say it or I'll put his hand in my panties and he'll get started on me. He says come on and I say no I'm too drunk. It drives home crazy. 4 times in our 18 year marriage he's taken me without my consent, and I've drunkenly fought him off, but he overpowered me and I love it. I don't want him to stop, I want him to fight to get in me as I fight to stop him. I want him to take me. When he has done it I am so turned on, and I orgasm. Even if he takes me anally, which he has. I can't explain it, I like it. I think he knows I like it but if I tell him it will ruin it.

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  • You can't tell your husband what you and he are actively engaged in ? You think he's too thick to know your little alcohol inspired kink ? Better yet, you think we actually believe your bullshit ?

  • You sound like me. I have done this with my husband and it started in the first year we were married. Our parents were very strict and believe it or not we waited two years to make love and I was a virgin but we had done plenty of oral sex. I started jumping on him and wrestling him and it was no challenge for him at all but I would get him to essentially strip me, I fight back but never win and I am so turned on the whole time. He as ripped clothing and at first said he was sorry but I was like No, do more, tear off my clothes, make me suck you, make me do it. He has and I love it. He tied me to the table in his game room once and played with me through an entire football game. He would take his time stroking his cock in and out of me then after he came would just play with me until he was hard again over and over. He comes home from work and will just strip me down and make love to me or he will back me into a corner and make me suck him. He loves me naked and I will often just not put clothes on for the day doing what ever he wants me to do.

  • Hot! Do you like your throat squeezed?

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