Oh and it was with the sister in law

A long time ago my sister in law walked out on her husband and came knocking on my door, they had a big argument.
Her and I don’t really get on, we only tolerate each other for the family.
Up until she knocked on my door I haven’t seen her for 8 / 9 months and I live 45 minuets drive from where she lives.
I asked why come here and she said she didn’t know where else to go being late at night.
I live in a tiny one bedroom flat, I have one armchair and a small double bed, sad I know but that’s all I need.
She told me what the argument was about and said she just needed to get away.
I said if you’re planning on staying I can only offer the floor, armchair or my bed.
She said thanks and I went to bed, 10 minuets later she is laying on top of my bed fully clothed.
I woke for a pee and she was under the covers fully dressed, I got back in and couldn’t get comfortable, the only position semi comfortable was in the spooning position, eventually went of to sleep again.
I woke still in the spooning position, she is still fully clothed and awake, I asked what her plans were and she said she better make her way home.
After she said that she pushed her arse into my groin, I applied pressure into her and she slowly started moving her arse, I’m now getting an erection and pushing the end on my cock at her.
She knows what’s going on and starts pushing harder against the end of my cock, I’ve put my hand onto her waist and start pushing her jeans down, she is wriggling her legs helping until at her ankles and I’ve sunk my cock deep as I can inside her pussy.
She is pushing back and I’m thrusting forwards, we got and really good rhythm going and she started squelching with wetness, all she was saying was omg omg, I’ve spread one arse cheek back to go deeper and I was ready to cum, holding my breath and saying I’m gonna cum, she pushed back and stayed rigged, I gave one last extra push gaining and couple more inches deeper inside her pussy and shot stream after stream inside her.
We stayed like this for a few minutes not saying anything to each other, my cock slipped out and she pulled her knickers and jeans up and said she better go home now.
Her and I are still the same when we do see each other, it was just one of those things I guess!

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  • That's a easy read on you, chump.

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