My best friends

I live with my best friends they are married and the wife thinks me and her man have something going on because we wrestle around sometimes and I'll bite him in the arm so he'll put me down, and she thought that we were doing stuff and we're not I can assure you and we assured her we weren't. After she left the room he was talking about it and I it was kind of weird, he said something like there's nothing going on between us that's why it's boring. I didn't know what to think of it besides that's a little weird. I think of him as my brother and he thinks of me as his sister. Tell me what you think if it is weird or not cause we'll be joking around and he'll say go suck a dick and I'll be like who's and he says its not that hard to find someone who wants their dick sucked and he'll say like go find a dude and he brings up married dudes and not married dudes and it's confusing and weird.

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  • Don't go sexually near the guy or you will find yourself with one less friend and a place to live.

  • It seems like she does find it weird and what you said seemed hostile

  • It doesn't seem like she plans on doing anything sexual with him she just wants to know what others think, if I was in her situation I would want to know too

  • Look it seems he wants to play with you. Would you like too? If so do you want to be more feminine? If so, bring up the sucking dick conversation and say if only were in panties but no-one has bought me any. and see what he says or does.

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