Panty fetish (caught)

My best friend and I have known each other for almost 30 years, since we were in middle school. We were drinking beers and chatting about our wives when we talked about what kind of panties they wear, etc. I said that I'd swap my wife's used panties for his wife's used panties, and he said cool, so we started to do it.

My friend's wife is totally hot and gorgeous. The first time my buddy gave me her used panties I was hard as a rock. I love to come home, smell and jerk off to them before my wife gets off work. Sometimes I'd give them back to my friend, in exchange for a more recently used pair, after I jizzed all over them. He'd do the same.

My friend has been enjoying my wife's panties too. She has a big ass, which he likes and his wife doesn't have, so it is a big turn-on for him. He says he thinks about fucking her all of the time.

Well, yesterday my wife found my collection of his wife's panties in the closet. I thought I had them stashed away secretly, but no, she found them. She thinks I'm totally fucking someone else, which is not the case. She doesn't understand that guys are just hardwired to be turned on by this kind of stuff. She doesn't get the kink. I told her that I'd post here, in the hope that others can bring some perspective here. My wife is out of her head angry at me for swapping panties with my buddy. I don't see anything wrong with it.

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  • There’s nothing like the smell of a woman’s worn panties. My wife caught me with hers once. Freshly removed after a night out with her friends. They weren’t soaked with cum or anything, but wet and smelled great. I was hard instantly.
    I always enjoy finding worn panties to smell every where I go. I won’t mess with girls panties, but everyone else’s panties are fair game. I’m no longer surprised at who has the sweetest smelling panties. Some smell so good I have to take them every now and then.
    I think one lady friend knows that I’ve messed with and taken her panties because when I visit her now she always has a fresh, wet pair out for me to enjoy.

  • If you need to smell other women’s pussies and beat off, clearly you’ve got issues. Your wife should be enough. I’d divorce him honey.

  • That because your a queer jerk.

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