Home Depot

I work at home Depot , I'm one of the flooring experts. This place is going to get in huge trouble one day. There's a Filipino girl that is a checker , she sucks and fucks everyone in the back storage area. Today her face was covered in cum and what ever. The other females that work here hate her. It's only a matter of time before we end up on the news.

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  • I saw her give a blowjob in the back area room. She was helping out a customer and she grabbed his cock and motioned for him to follow. They left for a few minutes and when they came back I could see that some cum had stained her orange vest thing. So I did not see the actual acts but the rements.

  • How does she dress at work? I imagine that she probably dresses for easy access and to be able to have quickies. Does she ever bother to take off her Home Depot apron, or does she just go for it?

  • Is she a better fuck than your gf or wife? Have you told her about your work "friend"? I'm guessing when your significant other asks "How was work today?" that it is hard not to bring that lady up.

  • It is very difficult not to bring her up when I'm home. Especially like today we're swamped at work and she keeps disappearing with people

  • Do you like to spray her face with cum?

  • I have seen a few guys do that to her

  • Do you think I'd be good with floorboards in Oregon? Or some good alternative? It feels pretty damp here.

  • Do you mean hard wood or laminate flooring. Laminate flooring looks decent and can handle alot of weather and other abuse. Unfortunately I don't think it looks anything like real hard wood.

  • Does cum stain it?

  • Lol

  • I'm guessing this Filipino girl enjoys her work more than other women there. But why should she be the only one to get in on the fun? I think she's setting a good example that the other women should follow. Too bad the others can't face the fact that they could USE some good, relaxing sex.

    Oh, and I wonder how sales at this particular Home Depot are affected... Wouldn't it be absolutely damning if this INCREASED traffic to the store!?!?!

  • Does she fuck them one at a time, or does she go into full gangbang mode? Does she do this on her own time (lunch, after work) or when she is on the clock? Do any of the other women who work there ever go back and watch?

  • I have seen her getting fucked by one guy while two guys were waiting. It's supposed to be a hush/hush thing but no one keeps secrets like that for long. I don't think any of the other women have watched but everyone definitely knows about it.

  • Is this in Falls Church va?

  • I live near falls church 😂😂 wow

  • No buddy we're in Oregon

  • Tons of cheap sluts in Oregon

  • Sure is. Most of the slut meth heads will do anything for money to get it. You can fuck them in the ass for a few dollars and shoot cumm all over the face. Then tell them for and extra 10 dollars to lick it all up.

  • Well damm.

  • If she lets the fellas shoot their sperm all over her face, then maybe this little filipina fuck toy should work in the adhesives section.

  • If she's doing that on company time ... we know what that makes Home Depot!

    Oh well ... who says you can't get good service anymore?

  • Tell us which city so we can get some of that......

  • Damn, sounds like management is in on it, to allow it. Have you ever had a piece of her?

  • Lots of times

  • Blowjobs on I’ll five… And the cleanup on aisle five

  • She can suck mine

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