A night at the movies

We would take trips out of town for the sole purpose of my wife getting to expose herself to strangers. On one of these trips we decided to go to an Adult theater. We were 20 yrs old and had been married 1 1/2 yrs. When we went in we noticed there were only 3 or 4 other couples there. There were plenty of guys there though. We sat right in the middle of the theater wanting everyone to see us. In no time we had guys moving to seats around us. Once the movie started I reached over and untied my wife's dress and started to gradually open it more & more.

Soon I had it completly open and Lynn Stood up and took it off. Letting everyone in the theater see her. Even turning all the way around to put her dress on the back of her seat. And they saw plenty as all she was wearing under her dress was a white garter belt and sheer stockings. So her very hot 5-8,110 lb, 34C-24-35 body was there for all to see. She had hardly sat down and we had several guys move close to us. I was rubbing her hairy bush " was in the 70"s ", and fondling her firm young tits with her huge puffy nipples.

After only a few minutes I was surprised when I felt another hand beside mine rubbing one of her tits. It was the guy sitting behind us. Once other guys saw I was ok with that they moved even closer with one guy sitting beside her. In no time she had several guys feeling her up. Then the guy beside her pulled his cock out an put her hand on it. She started stroking it with gusto. Then she leaned over & started to suck his cock for him. The guys who'd been fondling her tits were now feeling of her ass & pussy.

I decided to move down a cpl of seats an as expected there was a rush from guys wanting to sit beside her. Bye now the guy she was sucking off had shot a load down her throat. So she sat up and the guy who'd taken my seat started sucking her firm young tits. As another guy sat down beside her. The guys on both sides of her had pulled there cocks out so she started taking turns sucking there hard cocks as other guys were groping her. And as soon as she'd get a guy off they'd get up and another guy would take there place.

She ended up sucking off probably 15 guys and got fucked by 4. She had swallowed a few guys cum, but once one guy shot off on her tits it looked like they all did. Which was fine because she really gets off on that an I love seeing her covered in hot cum. It had gone a lot further than I'd expected but we both had a blast. An it didn't stop in the theater as when she put her dress back on it being very sheer and low cut you could see the cum on her tits and it was seeping through the material. A cpl of guy offered her handkerchifs to use to clean up but she wanted to leave it. I think it turned her on almost as much walking through the brightly lit lobby with cum on her tit's face and in her hair as the actual sex did. I enjoyed all of it.

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  • I wish I had been there, I would have eaten her pussy out real good. I love eating a fresh cream pie.

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