When I travel

I travel for business monthly and it has been some of the best times of my sex life. I cannot believe how many people post ads wanting to suck a cock. I answer ads when I am staying at a hotel and get my cock sucked all the time. My last trip I ended up needing to stay over the weekend so I wanted to see how many blow jobs I could get over the weekend. My cock was worn out by Sunday evening having been sucked eleven times over two days and one guy came back again in the same day and wanted to do it again. I even had two women this time which has been unusual because they always want money and neither of these women were charging.
One woman wanted a picture of her sucking me off because she told me it was payback for her husband. She handed me her phone and told me to take some photos of her while she did it. When I started to orgasm she pulled off and let the rest hit her in the face, she stared up at me after she was done and told me to take a good one of her. She was smiling big with her tongue on the end of my cock, poor guy is going to miss her for sure.
Sure 99% of my cock getting sucked is by men but I can tell you that it does not feel any different having a guy do it and most of them are far more enthusiastic about it. But if all you want is that great feeling of a warm mouth sucking your cock there are dozens of them waiting for you email and if you can host them then you are set. I have even thought about doing a short trip on fake business, it would probably cost me a few hundred dollars but if I could get six blow jobs out of it trust me it is worth it.


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  • Wow that sound like fun. Id suck your cock nonstop for a whole weekend if my bf ever cheated on me. Would that be worth a fake business trip?

  • Do you just go on craigslist?

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