From Jennifer to Jillian(Jilly)

After my step sisters best friend and I had sex for the first time together, I was that 16 year old dude who finally conquered a virgin. It wasn't a long fuck, but I had finally wisked off the bra and panties from a female even though she wasn't quite 13. I know Jennifer was pleased. After I exploded inside her cunt, she held her arms tightly around me. I asked Jennifer if she has period already. She says no. I didn't think so, early in the day when I saw her pussy, it was smooth and bald. I helped Jennifer up from my bed and located her panties that I had tossed away when I had removed them off from her body. She snapped her bra back in place and button up her gown. I lead her back to Jilly's room and gave her a kiss and squeezed her butt cheek, she was officially mine as I sent her to sleep with Jilly. Jilly is my step sister, that Saturday I had noticed both these girls were already wearing sexy bra and panties. That was one of the main reasons I felt Jennifer was "Ripe and Ready to be fucked. But was Jilly? My answer would be discovered within 2 days. It was summer time and our parents would leave us alone while they went to work. I was sleeping in just my underwear when Jilly comes into my room and hops on top of my bed. She says Kevin I want to hold your cock again. I had let the girls hold my male organ for a little bit while we were messing around a few days earlier. Jillian is in a long dorm shirt and I say are you sure? She says yes so I grab her hand and push it inside my underwear. She makes it start to grow and I push my briefs down to release my cock. I tell her to kiss it if she wants. She says did Jennifer when you came and got her from my room. I lie and say yes. I didn't think Jennifer would tell Jilly that I fucked her or anything else that we did. She probably just knew that I went and got Jennifer from her bed. And I knew Jilly wouldn't say anything about her being with me in my bed sucking my cock. Jilly says ok and kisses the tip of my cock and then I tell her to keep it there and open her mouth a little bit. When I see Jilly open her mouth I slowly push the head of my cock in and tell her to close her mouth but not to bite. When she closes her mouth below the head of my shaft I put my hands on her head and say slowly and move it down some and then rock her head back and forth. I feel like I am going to explode in her mouth so I push her head away so my cock will slip out of her mouth. Jilly says is that all? I say no, I move up closer to her and grab the bottom of her dorm shirt and start to raise it up and over her head to get it off her. Both of us are on our knees on my bed. Jilly has a lacy white bra on with tiny purple panties. I unsnap the bra in the front and move it away from her breast. I put one hand on her butt over her panties and push her closer to me, I lower my head and push my mouth on her breast and start to suck on her nipples, going from left to right breast and biting on her nipples. I am more aggressive with My step sister than what I was with Jennifer. I pretty much had made up my mind after fucking Jennifer, if my step dad was fucking my mom, why couldn't I screw his daughter if she was asking for it like she was doing now. As I bite on her nipples Jilly puts her arms around my neck to hold on to me, with my other hand I find the center of her pussy and start to rub over her panties. I move my other hand away from her butt cheek and reach for the back of her thigh and I move away from sucking her breast and say to her to move her knees further apart so she can spread her legs more and make it easier for me to rub her pussy. She does what I ask and I am only minutes away from fucking my second virgin in three days. I promise myself in my mind to last longer with this one. Jilly says don't stop Kevin, I go back to rubbing her pussy but this time I put my hand inside her panties and play with her slit, moving my fingers up and down along it. Jilly rest her head against my shoulder when I insert my fingers in her pussy. I feel she is sexed up and horny as heck. I lift her up and lay her on the bed. My cock is rock hard. I know Jilly still hasn't period yet so I have every intention of exploding inside her cunt before I even began. I lay Jilly on the bed, I am between her legs, I tell Jilly to lift her hips up and for her to tell me to take her panties off, my hand is still rubbing her pussy over those tiny panties. Jilly raises her hips and says take my panties off Kevin. I grab the sides of her purple panties and get them up and off from her hips and then away from her legs. I push her legs open and spread them apart to expose her bald pussy. I am going to fuck her completely different than her best friend Jennifer. I put my hands on her legs and push them up and move each knee towards her shoulders. She is like a ball and I have her pussy up in the air. I slap my cock on her slit a few times and then I trust my cock in her pussy. Jilly yells out Kevin take it out as I shove it in until I get all 7 inches in. I trust my hips to make sure my cock is well corked in her pussy. Jilly tries to push me away and I put more pressure on her and say no,, we're fixing to fuck. I slowly start to pull away a little and then I began my rhythm of trusting my cock in and out of her pussy until we finish and lay in one another arms. This was the beginning of one of our many times in each other's bedroom. Our parents never knew about our sexual activity. My mom put Jilly on the pill shortly after she turned 13 due to her being a cheerleader. My mom may have had an idea that she created a vixen when my step sister was maturing. To go back 30 years always brings up great times for us both.


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  • You are so lucky to fuck two 12 year olds

  • Almost like my step bro and myself. Thanks for sharing

  • Consider paragraphing!

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