Dad and friend walks in on me and my wife...

My wife and I got married when we were 18. While we were going to be gone on our honeymoon my father had agreed to come over and bring in our mail & feed my wife's cat. We went to the beach but the weather was awful and the forcast for the rest of the week was pretty bad. So we only stayed 2 days and were going to come home & save our money for a better trip later.

When we got back there were no parking spaces in front so I parked in back.We were both still constantly horney. And when my hot 5-8 110lb 34D-24-35 wife came in wearing only a sexy garterbelt & stockings and heels I couldnt resist her. We'd been going at it for a while and she was on the bed on her hands & knees and I was behind her pumping my rock hard cock in her ass. Her big tits bouncing.

Our apartment was in a house that had been converted to apts and the door from the outside hall opened directly into our bedroom right beside our bed. My wife liked talking dirty during sex and just as she says fuck me hard in the ass like the little whore you know I am shove it in deep. I realize somethings off.

My father had just came in to feed the cat not knowing we'd came back early and had brought a friend of his to show my apartment too. So the 1st time he see's what he'd always thought was his prim & proper daughter in law after our wedding. He see's her big tits bouncing around as she's dressed in a garter & stockings. I'm fucking her in the ass as she's telling me to fuck her ass deep an refering to herself as a whore.

And he has one of his very conservative friends with him who's daughter I'd dated for a while. And I see them and pull my cock out and of all things blow a load of cum all over her ass. I'm trying to tell her my dad's there and she says well just don't answer the door. About then looking over & seeing him . My dad an his friend are just frozen in place speechless as she gets off the bed running off to the bathroom and I,m trying to find something to cover up with.

I don't know what to say so I just say we came back early because the weather was so bad. And my dad say's yea I see well I was going to feed the cat but it looks like you're here to feed it. And I almost bust out laughing as embaressed as I was when he said I was going to feed the cat.

He left and we never mentioned it again.

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  • You should get him to fuck her as well

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