Getting smaller

Why the fuck is my penis getting smaller? I'm 52 years old, but still very sexually active. My old lady and I still fuck every day, on average, sometimes, but rarely, twice a day. My cock still gets rock hard, but lately, It seems it's not quite as big as it used to be, so I measured it last night, and its just slightly over 6 inches long. I know for a fact it was 7 3/4 inches long in my early 20's, because my girlfriend at the time measured it. I've never measured the diameter, but I know it's considerably thinner now than it used to be. Also, my nuts are also getting smaller, I've never measured them, but they are about half the size they were when I was younger. Is this normal to get smaller? Does anyone else have this problem? My wife hasn't said anything about it, but I'm sure she can feel the size difference. I used to feel my cock slamming into her cervix when I'd bury it full stroke, but now I don't quite hit her deep enough. Pisses me off some, I hope to fuck I don't get any smaller.

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  • Masturbate more. Three times a day and go for long edging sessions. I am 56 and my dick is larger than ever.

  • As you age, you shrivel.

    Why would your dickette be any different?

  • Combination of fat and loss of elasticity in the penis can contribute

  • Yes this can happen, not common but it does, eventually your dick will be so small you can hardly see it but before that you will stop fucking or masturbating anyhow because your balls will shrivel up to near nothing that should happen within the next six years nothing you can do about it, better get as many out of your missus as you can while you can, start thinking of who among your friends is going to be rooting her

  • Have you gained weight? I've seen a ton of dickless fat nudist. Fat just swallows it up.

  • No, I'm not fat. Might be a few lbs heavier, but I do construction work and am pretty good shape for my age. If I get any smaller I'm gonna talk to my doctor about it, it's really staring to worry me. I hate to see my manhood shrivel up to nothing.

  • That was my thought. Dick not smaller, belly larger.

  • It's not uncommon. My husband is in his 40s and I think he might be an inch smaller than he was when I met him. He still has a nice 5.5" dick, so no worries.

  • Your reply even made me happy. I’m 52 and married to a curvy thick female 46 and I sometimes wonder if she’s noticed how I can’t hit her cervix anymore. It even seems like it has gotten slightly thinner. Now my balls have definitely dropped and she seems to like the feeling of them slapping against her vagina

  • I know my dad's dick used to be huge, and the last time I seen it it was smaller...

  • Try fucking other people for a month. You’ll grow again. Or use viagra. That shit makes my old man hard as stone.

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