Please help me I've messed up

I've been dating this lovely guy for the last 3 months. We love each other, we've still not had sex, but we do make out and he's played with my breasts and I've given him blowjobs a couple of times. Things are heating up now, lots in the past 2 weeks he's surprised me saying he's booked an hotel for Valentine's day. But the thing is he doesn't know that I was born a boy. I've had all surgeries done but not my penis as of yet. I've got myself in an awful mess. I've used the period excuse so much so that's not an option. What will he think of me? Do I admit before going to the hotel, or do I tell him at the hotel? Help...

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  • Suck his cock dry then whip it out and tell him its his turn

  • I feel for you.

  • I'd distance myself until after the op.

  • Well actually I didn't think I should need to announce it. I'm a woman. I'm not into all that gay weird stuff. nobody is ever going up my arse or vice versa. I wanted him to fall in love with ME not be judged immediately like you bunch of pricks have.

  • I sorta see ur point. When is the operation?

  • May the 3rd. I'm definitely straight. I'm a girl who likes men. And he is 100 per cent straight so there's no silly plot to this story, there's no "gay get off" to it. This is me thinking that I was doing the right thing. Other men I've dated, it's gone great and soon as I say, boom they are gone, although even giving me a chance to explain. I'm not some blonde bimbo, I'm down to earth, brunette, not overly made up, hard working as a pa for a consultant. This is my life not some fantasy :(

  • *not even

  • I honestly don't know what u can do. If he loves you that much he'll stay. But he may not trust you again

  • You needed to tell him this on the first date, you idiot. If he loves you, things might be fine, but really, what the fuck were you thinking? Oh, wait. You weren't.

  • I agree bullshit

  • Oh this sounds like a big cup of BULLSHIT

  • Surprise ,surprise ,surprise, looks like he going to get his Up the ass.

  • You need to tell him now

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