With a guy's wife while he watched

A guy I work with asked me to fuck his wife. She met me at a company function and asked him to set it up. The guy told me their marriage is open and it’ll be OK. The only stipulation was, he had to be in the room watching. I told him I’d do it because it didn’t make since to turn down free pussy. I went to their place. She came out wearing short dress. We all went to the bedroom and he sat in the corner. She started kissing me and taking off my shirt and shorts. She rubbed and sucked my dick then pulled off her dress and got on the bed. I started out on top, then we switched. I noticed he was jacking off and his dick was very small. I had a WTF look and she told me that’s why he lets her fuck whom ever she wants. I was standing on the edge of the bed with her legs on my shoulder when I felt something warm hit my ass. I turned around and he was cumming on me. WTF! I was close so I finished. She licked the cum off my ass and both of them sucked my dick. I got dressed and left. He went to work and bragged that he got to suck my dick.

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  • When I was in my early 20's I almost exclusively slept with married women. The vast majority of them had their husband's encouragement. For three couples, they got me to impregnate the wife. Almost all of the husbands that I got to know, strongly encouraged me to share my wife, when I finally got one. I did.

  • She was cool with him sucking you?

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