If my wife only knew

I often get off thinking about my wife being gang banged by a group of strangers while I watch.
Seeing her take a man in each of her holes as I encourage her to be a whore is always on my mind. Sometimes it's younger guys, sometimes well hung black men, but always with her being pleasured over and over.
I want to see her covered in cum from at least three different men and have her beg me to let it happen again.
She isn't even willing to roll play this fantasy with a sex toy, so I'm certain I will never get to see it play out.
But I want to make it happen someday. And hopefully soon!

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  • My wife refuses to do a gangbang, but I think about her being in one all of the time. The closest thing we've done is a threesome with a male friend of mine, and she won't do that anymore either, even though she enjoyed it more than she admits. We fucked her all afternoon, so I don't see why she wouldn't want to try a few more cocks. She changes the subject whenever I bring it up.

  • So do I with my with, but no luck so far

  • Keep at the barebacks, she is healthy now. My wife gets pissed when I try to talk dirty to her. When We was dating it was okay to do. I now have a wife that We never have sex. Now I have a lady friend that loves sex, great trade. She is very open minded

  • Took me six years to talk the wife into a gangbang. Once she did it she just loved it. She has done at least a dozen bangs in the last two years. Be careful though she picked up some STD'S from someone so no more bareback. That sucks.

  • STD's are a concern. Were you involved or just watch? I just want to watch her first one but I hope she will want more.
    Would love to hear your experience. Maybe share some advice.

  • My wife knows that I want this! We often talk about her having other cocks in her ass and mouth while we are fucking. She knows I want to stick my cock in her pussy that's full of multiple loads. I'm with you, hopefully soon!

  • Right with you on this! Hope we both get lucky and have our ladies get the satisfaction they deserve. We had a threesome years ago with another guy and she really enjoyed blowing him while I did her from behind. Now she says that's not something she thinks she would enjoy. BULLSHIT!

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