Fake or not, how about diversity

I've come to realise that most stories on this website are fake. I'm actually fine with that, but can we please stop telling the same damn stories with the same fucking kinks? I can't believe how many cuckold stories there are here. Be creative!

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  • Maybe your fake. Hey you come here to get off. What do you want to hear. How I love to fuck after I go riding. That's right I clean out my horse's stall and then while he's feeding I use a stool to position myself under him. First I get totally naked. Then I grab his huge fucking black, pink, and brown cock and I stroke it with both my hands getting him all worked up. Then I take him into my mouth and I suck on him till he ejaculates in my mouth. He makes so much yummy tasty cum. I can't handle it all. I always choke when he shoots off. It runs down all over my tits and belly. Then I get on the stool lying on my back and place his huge woman pleaser inside of me. I have videos of me that are currently on many porn sight of me. I have long dark hair and brown eyes with large firm perky tits. The kind you wish your ole baggy wife had. My body is lean and fit with just the right amount of soft flesh in the right places. Anyway I fuck my horse and he enjoys it a lot. First I ride him and control him. Then he rides the fuck out of me. I have fucked a German Shepperd, an Irish Wolf Hound and then an Alpaca. It's been so much fun. Unlike male partners they usually don't bore me by saying dumb shit. Although my horse gets vocal when he nuts in my mouth. But anyway you come here to get all excited and jerk off to shit here. Know this your tiny pathetic cock could never please me the way Sabastian does when he's inside my pussy.

  • Really what did you expect to find on here. Cuckolding is probably the number one kink. But how many do it the way I do. I fuck other men and my husband doesn't know he's being cuckolded. He has no idea at all. But I know what he does. He is having sex with other men letting them use him however they wish. I found out when he had to run to the bathroom one night and I was able to read what he was sending some man he just met on line for a meeting the following day. So I decided to follow him. My hubby sat in the man's car and sucked the strangers cock. Not hard to figure out seeing his head going up and down in the man's lap.

  • Believe it or not,my husband asked me to cuckold him.

  • No one is forcing you to read them.Why don't you write a few decent ones then.If someone writes something,for whatever reason,true or not,then as long as they got what they wanted out of it,what's the big problem?

  • Oh and has anyone ever clicked "Report" on a post that they didn't like? If they really didn't like it that is!

  • Yep all the time!

  • Me too

  • Not to mention all the underage stories with the same guy or girl pretending to be the opposite sex or a young girl wanting to be spanked or an adult molesting kids. The fact that there's others discussing it with that person is fucked up.

  • The ones that get me are the mother ones. I’m a mother. It’s just sick

  • Yes you are a mom so fucking what. If one of my son's friends wanted a shag I'd ride a young hot big hard cock any fucking time. Men can do it so the fuck can us women. Get over yourself bitch.

  • Agree. Sick

  • Go fuck a young hard cock also you self righteous asshole.

  • The "sissy " stories are the absolute worse. Constant.

  • Yes! My LEAST favorite!!!

  • Well I can't help being one. I go to therapy but it doesn't seem to help. I am what I am as God made me. A SISSY. Please try and understand I just want to be used. It makes me feel loved being used and treated badly.

  • Yep! Seriously, take it somewhere else. Nobody cares if you're into lingerie.

  • In it! I have a mate and I just discovered her husband dresses up in lingerie wigs and goes out getting fucked by men. We are no longer friends, as it repulses me. He looks fucking hideous, think of Mr Bean with a blonde wig on and stilettos. Gross as fuck.

  • Well that's your friend. But I on the other hand look better than the average woman does. I bet you'd rather fuck me and have your cock sucked by me than your ugly wife if you have one. Plus I buy only the best in clothing. My body is just very curvy naturally. The hormone therapy has made my beautiful breast come in so nicely. I should have been born a woman but nature fucked up. You'd be jerking off your tiny little pathetic penis to pictures of my gorgeous naked body. My penis is 7.75 inches so you could also please me by wrapping your lips around it when I cum. You know you want to you fucking homophobic moron.

  • Thanks I just ate...now I’ll go puke

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