The indiscretion with my sister-in-law

I really am glad that mediums like this exist where men and women can get things out of their chest and not have to live with the bit of guilt associated with cheating. A couple of weeks ago I had my in-laws over for a wine tasting party. We always sit around shoot the shit buzzed and talk about everything. During a conversation between my wife my sister-in-law and I, my sister-in-law made a comment about how small my hands are, to which my wife responded something along the lines that my hands are the only small thing on my body. The conversation changed and we began talking about something else however the rest of the night I noticed my sister-in-law staring at me so I began staring right back at her making her noticeably uncomfortable. A while later she motioned for me to come sit next to her which I did, she then asked me why I was staring at her and what came out of my mouth I will blame on the wine I was drinking. So I told her that I was staring at her because it looked like her tits were getting ready to pop out of her blouse and in my defense, they did look like they were. Once the shock of what I said passed, she made a comment alluding to telling my wife what I said so I responded to her "go ahead, I'm not afraid"
I got up and walked back to my seat, doing my best to ignore her. At one point I got up and walked to the kitchen to grab some food and she followed me. She told me not to worry, that she would not say anything to my wife. Once again I told her I didn't care and began walking out of the kitchen. She said "you know my sister and I talk about everything". To which I responded that being sisters and so close, that there were no secrets between the two. She then said something that I will blame on the wine. She said "I've never seen a big one in person" that took me by surprise and I responded a "big one?"She said yes a big penis. She added "my sister told me you have a big one" shocked is really an understatement for me! So stupid me said to her would you like to see my big penis? And she said yes, more shock for me!!! I came to my senses and told her she obviously had too much to drink and that she would not remember our conversation. I then told her she needed to go back and sit with her husband and as she walked out of the kitchen I told her if you still want to see it, call me on Monday.
To make a long story short she called me on Monday apologizing for her behavior. I told her not to worry. Right before hanging up, I made a crack about me looking forward to showing her my big buddy, expecting her to laugh but instead she said she would die if my wife ever found out she saw my penis. I told her that I would not say anything and she was very quiet, I asked what she was doing and she said she was out and about shopping. I told her that is she wanted to talk about it more, she could come to my office.
To my surprise she said she would think about it, a few minutes later she texted me that she was on her way. When she got there she was visibly nervous. She sat down and I closed the door behind her. We talked about senseless shit for a bit and then I asked her again if she wanted to look at my cock and she said yes. I stood up in front of her and pulled it out, and she just sat there with her mouth open,looking at my cock getting hard.
After what seemed like and Eternity in time, I braved up and asked her if she wanted to touch it. She didn't say anything and reached out and grabbed my cock. She was mesmerized and finally made a comment about how big I was and how painful it must be to have sex.
I will I will not bore you with details. After she stroked me for a bit, she gave me head, not to completion and left. Two days later, I was pounding her pussy at a hotel near her house. It took her a bit to handle my size but she's taking it like a champ. Besides my wife, my sister-in-law is some of the best pussy I've had and it's going to be hard to walk away from it


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  • My hard earned advice for people wanting to play around is never fuck around to close to home. That might even mean the town you live in. I lived in man hell (home) and the warden was was my pissed off wife. I served a loooong sentence before I made my escape. (divorce)

  • Well duh!(obvious).It goes without saying if you've any common sense (not an idiot).

  • Great point man

  • My step sister has always been a bitch to me so I didn't have a problem fucking her husband.I could always tell he wanted it anyway.Even from when I was 15.But when I was 17 I stayed with them during the summer to look after their kid.I "accidentally" exposed myself to him when my towel fell off.He had a quick look but then said he didn't get the full view so I dropped the towel and turned right round.He said that bald pussy looks yummy.So I asked if I get to see him.He dropped his bottoms and I gasped at his flaccid 5 inches,saying out loud that looks like a mouthful.He stroked it hard to a thick,veiny 9 inches.Then I said that would make my eyes water.He said you better get on your knees and suck it.So I obeyed.Tried by best to deep throat it but the tip of my nose just about brushed his pubes.He put his hand behind my head and helped me,I took it all in and then gagged and my eyes did water.

  • I don't think so :)

  • I don't think you think,full stop!

  • I hope she always keeps her mouth shut! I did something like this with my sister in law, and we eventually stopped. A few years after that, during a drunken episode, she confessed to my wife and I can't tell you the drama it brought.

  • Great point, but what do I do, it's too late, I'm in too deep

  • If those sisters are that close and normally talk about everything plus they drink. All you can do is hope it doesn't get confessed during a drunken moment. You better hope they don't get into a fight either.
    Dude you are always going to be on alert when they're together drinking.

  • How big is your cock ?

  • A bit under 8 inches

  • My ex sister in-law would fuck like rabbits anytime We could. More than once the ex wife would be outside talking to the neighbors next door. We would screw and watch to see if her sister was headed back to the house.

  • Yes, sometimes guys like us get lucky and end up finding cock hungry women closer to home, right?

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