Teenagers are a lot bigger these days!

My 17 yo son had his friend round, he’s a nice lad, known him since he was 14.
I’m in the kitchen starting dinner and his friend goes out the kitchen door.
I thought nothing of it, I went out to put some rubbish out and saw him standing over the drain having a wee while on his phone.
He’s now finished his wee and is still standing there with his willy out texting.
He had no idea I was there, I coughed and he soon put his willy away.
My son was using the toilet and he was bursting for a wee.
All I can say is he is going to have a lot of fun using what I saw!

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    • My daughter was 12 yrs old I raised her as a single dad since she was 5 yrs old her mom got hooked on meth. I work in construction and very busy my daughter was able to take care of herself at 9 yrs old. She would come home from school and watch tv or play with friends we live in a great neighborhood. I didn’t worry about her with good neighbors also around to keep an eye out on her. I came home early one day and could hear moans down in the rec room. I walked down to see our neighbors 16 yr old son pounding my daughter as hard as he could. I was frozen watching for a few minutes when they realized I was there he jumped up. Trying to cover the bigger cock I had ever seen in real life over 9” long and much thicker than my own. I was pretty much speachless as he gathered his clothing and headed for the door. My daughter pussy was gapped open and soaked in cum I headed up stairs and grabbed a beer. A few minutes later she walked up stairs she apologized and was crying we hugged I was hoping she wouldn’t notice the bulge in my pants lol.

    • How big are you? Got you hard turned on watching her taking a big cock lol! Punk had a thicker cock rumor is thicker the better! Should had whipped out your cock and taken her right there lol!

    • I’m just under 6 1/2” long and 5” around average size,yeah it turned me on watching and seeing her in action. I’ve heard the same rumor thicker is better and she was taking a super thick cock. It’s run thru my mind to take her for a spin around the bed

    • You should have let him try it out on you, just to see how it fits. There is not a teenage boy in the world who would turn down some hot pussy, cept maybe for the homersexuals.

    • Okay, kind of "ewww". The pissing in the drain part, not the size of his willy part.

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