Oh my

Our office Christmas party list has just been put up, if it’s anything like last years I might put my name on the list.
I’ve worked for the company for 15 years and only been to three Christmas parties.
The reason for only attending three is because I’m a mature lady, the parties are more for the youngsters.
Last year party ended with me all hot and flustered.
I smoke so I spent most of my time outside in the smoking area chatting, towards the end of the night lots of staff had left to go on drinking.
My taxi was booked and had half hour to wait, I got chatting to this young man that was very drunk, slurring his words and trying to light his cigarette.
He turned his back to me and started to urinate when he had finished he turned around and rested against the wall without putting his willy back, I said I think you are forgetting something, as soon I had said that he slid down the wall to the floor.
I helped him to sit upright and said again you’re willy is out, his head then went to the side and was asleep.
Before anyone came I put it away for him, I must admit for a young man he was very well endowed, I had troubles tucking it away for him.
That was my little Christmas gift.

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  • Wouldn't it have been funny to put some lipstick on it. He sure would be puzzled the next day.

  • Office Christmas parties are the best. It's time to start planning now for getting more inhibited people to loosen up and have sex at the office Christmas party.

  • You sound like a fun girl go to the party with full intentions of getting or organising a future root, I find the best targets are young country guys they are usually very shy but you can get them to open up a lot, I am 47 divorced without children my husband was cheating real bad so I got the house a virtually new car plenty of money to not go to court it was worth it, I continue to work and have two boyfriends that stay overnight or weekend with me for the last year only really for sex not both at once, one was a virgin 19 the other very sexually immature 20 both shy country boys, I love training them the way I like it, they are well hung and enjoy cumming in me because I am on the pill, they don't even mind being seen out with me as I am in shape and a pretty good looker it keeps me young and very happy

  • Alot if the younger girls today eat poorly and it’s showing. there moms are just as hot or hotter than the daughters

  • Thats a fact!

  • Older women are totaly hot nowadays, amongst the younger crowd. you should be taking advantage and getting all the young cock you can fit up your tight old vag. Just be careful, lots of bad diseases out there.

  • You should have played with his cock and taken pictures of him passed out drunk with his meat showing, then passed it around

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