Breastfeeding my best friend

My best friend had a baby two months before me. In the last two months of mine I would go to her house (waddle across the street basically) and hang out, just to keep busy and not feel so miserable. When she breastfed James never took it all and it frustrated her. She pumped over course but pumping sucks. I would massage her breasts and squeeze them to help her relieve the pressure. Her husband wouldn’t touch them because he thought the milk was gross.

I didn’t. We’d joke around and see how far she could shoot, and aim for things. One day, I aimed for my mouth. I licked a drop from her nipple and she told me to go ahead, so I sucked her tit, and then the other one.

Breast milk is heavenly. Very sweet, almost like condensed milk. I started sucking her everyday after James finished his 10 am feeding. I would suck harder and harder and one time she played with her pussy and came. I’ll be honest, it was hot.

I had already had Devon, my Fed Ex guy eat me but I was horny all the time. I begged her to finger me (it’s hard to do that one your own when you’re pregnant, which I was) and she did. I came all over her fingers.

The next day was a bit awkward, but we kept going after that and eventually we started licking each other’s pussies. Mine was so swollen and sensitive and just the touch of her pointy tongue got me off, but like with Devon, she continued.

If you are a guy and your wife is pregnant, definitely eat that swollen pussy. She will love you forever.

When Emily was born, my BFF came over daily and we would hang out, breastfeed the babies and watch them sleep. After a few days of me still sucking her breasts, she asked if she would suck mine. I let her.

It got pretty intense and we both decided to back off. After a few weeks we gave in and I ended up telling my husband. She told hers also. Mine was horrified but I explained how frustrated I was that he wouldn’t touch me.

Now that Emily is four months I don’t breasfeed but I still let the Fed Ex man Devon, and my best friend eat me to orgasm. I still eat her, too. Pussy cum is tangy and tastes so much better than dick cum. My husband does eat me now, and he knows I seek relief elsewhere.


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  • I have two son who still nurse on me in the evenings Jerry who's 13 and Timothy is 15. A lot of people says it's wrong but many say it's normal what's your view?

  • I was breast feeding and my 14 year old niece liked to watch I didn't mind in fact it turned me on with my nipples being sucked and her watching at the same time I was very wet I was soaked through to my chair it looked as if I had peed my self, when I finished feeding my niece asked if she could taste my milk I knew I shouldn't have but I let her she was just tasting at first then it became sexual she was enjoying my nipples and I was letting her, I felt really guilty but it didn't stop, I know I am bad

  • Wow :)

  • I love suckling. Had a neighbor that had me suck her breastmilk. Her hub would watch and masturbate

  • Of course.

  • I’ve always wanted to be breastfed and fingered at the same time... lucky girl xx

  • I love love love having my nipples sucked. I am dry but I would pull these DDs out for anyone to suckle if they asked. Could orgasm from it all day long too.

  • Im anyone ;) lol

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