It does happen with delivery men!

I read the post where people didn’t believe women seduced delivery men. I am one that has, among other things.

I am 33 and have a 4 month old whom I breastfeed. I work from home and get Fed Ex packages from work or clients on average, twice a week. We have the same delivery guy and have for as long as I can remember. He’s a very nice black man (I’m white), I’m guessing around 30ish, but like I said, it’s just a guess. We are friendly and chat often about little things, his day, the weather, etc. as my pregnancy progressed and my belly grew, I was hot all the time. Temperature hot, I mean. I would wear bigger comfy clothes because I was home and COULD, and usually wore the big tank tops my husband uses for working out. No bra because my boobs were so swollen I couldn’t stand the tightness of the brA. I’m sure he looked, but I really didn’t think about it. All I cared about was comfort and air flow. God, no wonder pregnant women are flushed, we’re burning up! All the time!

So one day, a particularly hot summer day in Atlanta, he made a delivery. He was sweating and I asked him if he wanted an ice water. He came in, and seemed a little uncomfortable, but I told him it was fine. While standing there, drinking his water and chatting, the baby kicked. I stepped back because she clearly wanted to be a football player, and he asked if I was okay. I told him what was happening and he stared at my swollen belly. I asked if he wanted to feel it and he asked if it would be okay. I took his hand and placed it where Emily kicked and when she did it again he laughed. We stared at each other and something happened. I moved his hand up to my right breast and squeezed. He just kept staring at me. It felt amazing, so I took his other hand and squeezed it into my left breast. He dropped his hands and said he should go, but I grabbed his hands and asked him to continue because it felt so good. He massaged my breasts and sucked my nipples for a half hour. My husband didn’t want to touch me in my late stage of pregnancy because it worries him. Devon sucked my nipples every time he came for the next two weeks. It made me so horny, one day I answered the door completely naked. I told him I needed to come and desperately wanted to be eaten. My pussy was swollen, which happens toward the end of pregnancy, and so sensitive. I led him to the couch, and he ate my whole playong with my nipples. I came immediately, but asked him to keep going. I came 5 times in maybe 20 minutes. Best orgasms are when your fat along in a pregnancy.

I was due in a month, and he ate my pussy until then.

After I recovered, hewould come in and see Emily, and a few times I was breastfeeding. One time he asked if he could taste my milk. Breastfeeding can get a woman physically excited, but I would push that thought out of my mind with Emily. I let Emily finish and then let him taste my milk and he suckled my breasts until they were empty. I came twice.

I breastfed him for 3 months, when I stopped with Emily. I also breastfed my best friend, and I’ll write that post after this.

Devon still eats me every time he comes with a package. He doesn’t want anything in return, though I’ve offered. He says I have the most amazing pussy, and he loves how I push his face into it and buck when I cum. I love grinding his face because his stubble feels great.

Yes, these things do happen.


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  • I do this as well. I have fucked our UPS driver many times. My husband has no idea but I can't resist him. He is also black which is funny that we both fuck black UPS drivers. I am 20 years old and he is 45. He is amazing in bed and I love it!

  • You should definitely return the favor even if he refuses. Just imagine that big black cock filling up your mouth with cum

  • Well it's never happened for me in 30 years of service calls :(

  • You should come to my house! It will definitely happen.

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