My Husbands dad

My husbands dad used to find it hard not to look down my bra but he never ever tried it on and would quickly look away but if i ever got him on his own id tease him because deep down i knew he wanted me but i knew it was a step to far to betray his son,His wife had died several years ago and he was lonely ,He had allways been there for me so i kept trying,He rang asking what time his son was home so i lied as i knew he`d taken the boys to a match.When he arrived he thought is son was due in so i left him drinking tea while i showered and came down wearing just a wrap,he tried not to look, but the tops of my boobs were to much and he just lost it and pulled my wrap open.touching me so gentle no doubt expecting me to pull away but i wanted him,and unzipped him drawing my legs up his back and taking his cock up me as far as it would go,it was wonderfull and so naughtie and i came but he carried on ramming it up me and i came again before finishing him of in my mouth and between my 32 and had never cheated but i feel no guilt.He fucked me several times before saying,i cant do this anymore even though its so beautifull and you know what neither could i.

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