Dory's Awakening- By Ray M. Lebeau

I'm the author of Kate's Revenge, Strip Poker With Noreen & Marta, Caught Staring at the Nude Beach and several other true tales. If you've read them, you'd know about my awkward sexual experiences---and my 55yr old cock that is almost always in a state of pre-cum.

I have an adult daughter from the much older woman I lost my virginity too-- (that story will post next week). My current wife, Dora (no. 3) also has an adult child. Unlike my wild life, she was widowed very young and lived the life of a sexless spinster until she met me.

Our sex life is OK, but far from exciting. After the life I've had, I'm content the way it is now. Dora went more than 30yrs without it, and I thought she was OK too. Then, she shocked me.

We were watching a sub-titled Filipino movie from the 70s (like many women in my past, she's a skinny dark Asian). Anyway, the movie had no explicit sex so, technically, wasn't porn, but it had a lot of nudity. The premise of the movie was a queen and other women ruling over men. The naked men worshipped her and others, bowing and bringing gifts. If a man was worthy, she'd open her robe, the man would craw up to her and she'd close the robe around him.

We spoke about the movie.

Dora loves me completely and has no wish to cheat. But Underestimating her own beauty, she thought how nice it would be for, once, to have men look at her with the same desire as in the movie. Promising i wouldn't feel jealous or angry, she admitted that Marco, the Latino man next door had popped into her dreams. *Marco and his wife, Liza aren't, exactly, models. But they are 20+yrs younger-- and youth in itself is attractive. * There was no sex in Dora's "Marco" dream, just body worhip like the movie. With the help of a thought-out script, blindfold and a healthy imagination, I could pretend to be Marco. A date was set--- I was excited-- we both were.

I can't keep a secret.

Sitting with Marco and his wife days before that date, I had one too many beers and told them of the plan. Marco was quiet, worried that hearing my wife's lustful thoughts about her husband would upset Liza. But, she had no problem with it. In fact, she had an even better plan that floored us.

The planned date/time had arrived. Dora was reclined in her throne (easy chair) wearing only a robe. Using my best Latin accent, I tried to imitate Marco; it was close enough for Dora. She was really into it. There was inconsequential dialog and I rubbed and touched her as told. Touching my thigh to ensure I was naked (which I was), she proclaimed, "Though art worthy, Marco!"

With that, she through open her robe, spread her legs wide and rubbed her perfect 56yr old bush. She was wet. Her hips bucking, calling out Marco's name. She had no idea Marco Liza were in the room with me-- until Liza shouted, "I'm next!" Liza laughed.

Startled, Dora whipped off the blindfold and tried to cover up--but it was too late. Her orgasm had started. She looked helplessly at us. Seeing we were all naked with her, she smiled and enjoyed the final waves of pleasure.

We ended up screwing our own spouses on our King bed. Marco did Liza missionary style. Dora and I did it with me on the bottom. That let Marco kiss and fondle Dora's perfect little B-cups while I enjoyed Liza's 36 Cs.

Marco is young and didn't last long. Watching his face contort and hearing his grunt as he filled Liza's womb sent me over the edge. Still on the wave of her previous orgasm, the eruption of my hot love juice deep inside her sent Dora on another pleasure ride.

We only have actual sex with our own partners. But we do allow inter spouse touching. We massage and masturbate each other. Dora and I absolutely love having sex while Marco and Liza do the same... or sometimes we just watch each other. So hot!

Happy wife, amazing life.

All my best, Ray

21 days

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