I still feel really bad about it

Never told anyone about this, 8 months ago my landlord gave me 4 weeks notice, I couldn’t find anywhere to live on my budget, my friend said I was welcome to stay until you find somewhere.
I took 2 weeks off work to move and find somewhere to live.
In that 2 weeks I had sex so many times with her boyfriend, while she was at work her boyfriend and me were having sex, some times 3 times a day.
I can still remember sitting on his cock riding him making myself have orgasm after orgasm.
That’s my favourite position, can never seem to find a man to last long enough to get one orgasm, so you can see why I was just wanting it all the time.
I feel bad about it now but the orgasms outweigh my guilt at the time.

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  • My wife told me about this after she had moved out my way and I think as we were talking about moving in together. Once I heard this, I thought just enjoy when you're together, but don't fall in love with her. The only thing I asked was is it still going on, No. I said well we never said we did not want each other to see anyone else.
    I did find at times, including last night. That when we have sex sometimes I think of her getting f..k by her friends husband, for some reason that excites me. I never met him or saw him.

  • I have no idea why my wife told me this. When I met her, she was living in a basement apartment of a friend and co-worker, After some time her friend and husband were having problems, and she moved to his mother's house across the street. My wife told me she asked her friend if she should move out. She said her friend said no we will work things out. My now wife, then told me not long after she started having sex with her friend's husband, It was just sex nothing more. When we could, we did.
    I thought about why she told me and she was not really a good friend. At the same time I understood if you enjoy sex and you can have it without anyone finding out then why not.

  • That's a really sad and low thing to do to a friend who is helping you out in your time of need. I'm not a woman, but as a man, if I was nice enough to help one of my buddies out like that and he was tapping my wife, I would probably kill him and my wife both. I'm pretty sure that my anger and need for vengence would outweigh any guilt I might feel about murdering them.

  • Ok , so the bf is unemployed too? I sense a troll.

  • Well it sounds like she was not his type if he was willing to have sex with you so much at the time.

  • '...the orgasms outweigh my guilt...'

    Absolutely beautiful! Desire is SUPPOSED to override your sense of shame.

    When you feel 'bad,' remember that cock. Remember riding it. Remember him bringing you to climax over and over and over and over again. Remember doing this not once or even twice, but three times a day! Remember HIS pleasure. Remember the good thing you did for HIM. Remember his consent, his eagerness, his willingness. Remember his erection ... hold for you ... as you finished over and over again!

    Both of your bodies responded PERFECTLY. This is EXACTLY what Nature INTENDS. THAT'S why it was so very gratifying for you BOTH.

    It is social expectation that makes people feel 'bad' about this. I want you to REJECT those expectation. Your ongoing desire and arousal WAS your consent. And two consenting adults? No one has any business dictating what you do or do not do. Maybe you're the better woman in the saddle. Why should you apologize for being the best? Why should he?

    You have that ability and that response because THAT is what you're SUPPOSED to do. Use your gift as freely as it was given to you.

    Oh, and if I was your landlord, I'm sure we could have worked out some arrangement ...

  • Who are you? Satan?

  • I think that response shows that the argument is sinking in deep.

    If it's true that this ability and this response demonstrate sex as it's SUPPOSED to be, how can it be incorrect or wrong NOT to affirm that truth?

    So I'm more interested in what of all I said was incorrect.

    Did her continual arousal constitute her consent, yes or no?
    Was Nature's intent for sex realized, yes or no?
    Should others regulate sex between consenting adults, yes or no?
    Should people apologize for being great at sex, yes or no?
    Is sex wrong simply because it is pleasurable, yes or no?

    She can't find a man who is able to last long enough to get her off once. But when she finds one who gets her off over and over and over again, she's supposed to stop as soon as she discovers what great sex is.

    It all makes perfect sense...

  • Wow your just a great friend aren't you?

  • Thank you, I love compliments xxx

  • It happens you feel guilty after having sex with someone you shouldn't that's normal and you vow never to do it again until you feel horny again, that's why the sex is so good because you shouldn't be doing it, there is a saying a standing prick has no conscience and so does a cunt, until after, if you want the ultimate sex try incest its the closer the relative the better the sex, enjoy yourself

  • AGREED!!! Incest is amazing, my uncle (not blood related) he's only 8yrs older, but amazing, I think of him consistently, it's been going on for 6 yes now, and he's still the only man to make my body shake, causes my mind to spiral out of control, orgasm after orgasm. Our minds are one and so is our bodies.

  • No worries, it happens. My bf went to England for a month, and his best friend kept me company every night until he returned. He's sexier, and so much better in bed

  • Excellent!

  • I've got a crush om my wifes best friend. I would fuck her silly if she give me half a change. I am sure he enjoyed it much as you. Just don't tell would be my advice.

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