Asian massage parlors

I frequently go to Asian massage parlors It's so erotic having them tease you, until you get an erection and they give you a happy ending. But as of late, when they are touching me in a very arousal way, I make sure they know I get very aroused when they are around my asshole opening. They have been inserting their fingers now, this gets me so turned on. I think I will take a vibrator with me next time and see if they would use it on me. Once they had me eat my own cum. It's so hard communicating as their English is not so good,

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  • I would go to an oriental massage therapy place frequently for about 2 years. Nothing ever happend (not that i was expecting it). Just great massages. Most of the ladies there were older between 35 and 50 year olds and gave awesome massages. But one time I went the lady who regularly gave me massages was concentrating alot around my testicles and in between my thighs. I got rock hard, and it was almost completely flat on my stomach. She was really aroused and I could smell her in the air. Next thing I know she is jacking me off and putting her left hand down her own pants. I got so excited I sat up and pushed her head to my cock. It was one of the strongest orgasms i've ever had in my life.

  • I wish they would eat my pussy or at least finger bang me. I’d go then!

  • Yes there the best, the one parlor I go to they do the same making you hard. This one time after getting me hard she started fingering my asshole then she inserted her finger and pressed on my prostate and I came without her even jacking me off. I was stunned but it was awesome.

  • Some Asian Women Are Really Beautiful ...Love To Have One !!!!!!!

  • My wife is Asian an we r swingers. She is a stripper for home party's she is 25. 4 foot 7. About 95 lbs hot

  • I love tiny girls! Where do you live? I'd love to have you both come over, and have her strip for me. Grinding all over my big, fat bulging cock. Then I, or we, can use her holes for the rest of the night. Filling her up with loads, and loads, and loads of cum.

  • I like that to happen to me

  • I am unsure what type of poor, broken English communication results in eating your own cum?

  • Yep...... you must of wanted to eat it.

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