Dressing my boyfriend

I am a lesbian who is roommate with a male i started having sex with. i planned a vacation where i was at the airport and i was going to meet my boyfriend. i went to the trunk of the car and left his suitcase in the trunk. so we get there and i admit i forgot his suitcase. but i had mine full of pink clothes and ready to dress my new little girl . we had a few drinks and i told him i wanted to dress him up as a girl, he said no way as i grabbed his hand and lead him into the bedroom where i had his new clothes on the bed.i began taking off his clothes and began to dress him in a entire pink outfit. i saw my boyfriend got a heart on when i pulled the pink pantyhose up over his pink panties with ruffles. when i finished, we went to the bar and began getting shots. i gave him a good hit on his behind. he likes spankings. when we got back to the room, i lead him to the kitchen chair and pulled him over my knee and lifted his dress and saw his flower printed pink panties with white ribbons. began to make his bottom pink snacking his butt as hard as i can. i felt his heart on rubbing though his silky pantyhose leg . i was so hot, i stood him up and began tearing his dress off. when i got to his panties, they were wet where he went off . so i tore them off and threw him to the bed and had great sex. that was day 1 of the 5 day vacation of dress up time. i as going to have fun.

15 days ago

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    • Did you make him buy a Subaru and wear a tool belt too?

    • A lesbian with a boyfriend! Yeh right Go look up lesbian kid!

    • All lesbian have boyfriend after they get held down and take Arab dick faggot!

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