Wife in chastity

About two months ago I had just the best day at the track came home loaded, my wife is just so sexy and beautiful I have been a bit concerned that she was getting hit on a lot mainly at work and her section was going to start having out of town and interstate conferences.
I decided a good investment would be a chastity belt so discussed it with her and she agreed she would wear one on any business trip so I was assured she could not cheat.
The one we chose was expensive and tailor made to suit her perfectly so took a while, it arrived about two weeks ago and did take a lot of trial fit's to know the best settings but it is now just perfect and very comfortable for her no way she or anybody else can get a finger near her shaved pussy but she can still piss and shit with it on preferable to have a shower and ensure it is well rinsed after, there are a couple of spikes at the rear hole so I certainly would not want to put my prick in there it would be ripped extracting hard.
We both like it so she often puts it on for fun at home get's me very horny.
Her first conference is in two weeks how good is that ?

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  • What happened to good old fashioned trust. Ye gods.

  • Trust is OK and fine, we so much trust the chastity belt it has no feelings cannot be influenced and will not give in after a nice meal and drinks along with some swooning conversation no matter how they try, it is an impossible nut to crack.
    Looking at some responses I am now so very certain we have done the right thing these conferences appear to only be a managerial shag fest

  • In the company I work for the secretaries start off with junior managers, for the most they are young, single and sexually inexperienced so are coached into sexual activity and how to give satisfaction by the young studs particularly oral and anal, they are broken into anal at the first conference they attend it is so funny they walk around obviously with a very sore arse the next day and a bit tentative about getting it again that night, but before going to the conference they are told exactly what is expected by a senior secretary and are asked to advise then and there if they are not prepared to participate and get on the pill none of the managers will wear condoms, they mostly agree knowing their career is over if they don't.
    As more senior secretaries leave those managers select another from the ranks and promote them that is how the system works so not only are they ready and prepared to satisfy sexually they also have gained a lot of office experience so fit in easily
    I am 26 and my next move up should be with the CEO, I am very happy and do not need a boyfriend, I am paying for my own unit in a nice condo and get a big bonus when my manager stays over, have virtually a new car and want for nothing, I know some will consider me a prostitute but I don't mind

  • My manager advised me a year ago that we will start holding the interstate meetings at the interstate offices, that I was to arrange flights so we got in the day before for final preparation for the meetings the next day and after the meetings stay overnight just to review, I was to book interconnecting rooms and ensure I packed sexy underwear, nighties and some sexy outfits plus my business slacks and jackets for the meetings it left me with no doubt what was going to be expected, I discussed it with my husband and because it is the very best job I could ever expect we agreed to let it happen as long as I enjoyed myself.
    Everything is going along just great we have six meetings a year so that gives us plenty of time for sex Greg is fantastic in bed and we do have plenty of great times, I really like him and am sure he would never leave his wife, other than the meetings anyone would think nothing was going on between us we are both so squeaky clean and that's the way it will stay
    One benefit is Hotels continuously offer me and my husband weekends away free to inspect and try to entice me to book there in future, we always ask to inspect the interconnecting rooms and restaurant

  • My wife is shagging with her CEO whenever they go away once she left her laptop open at home and he sent a mail requesting for the next conference she books them into the same interconnecting room as last time and arranges for everybody else to fly back on the 9.30am flight but that she should book both them after 3pm .
    She must have known I read it but neither ever said anything about it, why would I he is a nice older guy she gets all salary reviews and then some plus plenty of bonuses, she is going to be issued a company car next month ( everything including fuel and maintenance fully paid )
    We really love each other and have great sex
    It is a good setup

  • Sounds just the best it must be heaven having your partner know what is going on without screaming discussions or threats of divorce, enjoy

  • Where there's a willy, there's a way.

  • Only my dick in her pussy and velvet hole Buddy that is for sure we have tried every move possible with lube and anything else to get a dick or finger in while she is locked correctly it took a while to make minor adjustments but now we know the belt is impenetrable and we both love it

  • Pretty screwed up. I dont care if my wife fucks around when she has to go out of town. Im fucking pussy in our bed

  • How about when you get a dose of jack let us know if you care then ?

  • It won’t help. Whatever you can buy, the boss is prepared for. It’s off her as soon as she gets there.

  • No way she can get out of the chastity bely and he can't change that, he may get a blow job or masturbation and that could be all he wants but Baby that pussy and velvet hole are just mine

  • Like this, I have lost a girlfriend and wife because of these stupid work conferences they are only a way to get the sexiest company girls away so the bosses can entice them to have sex and play around, your wife and you have done the exact correct thing but I bet she finds she will be left to attend the office soon, that happens if you don't play the game

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