Wife's cousin

I'm a married male, 39, and my wife's cousin is a 23 y/o very fit ex-soccer player. she graduated college in April (on a soccer scholarship) and has been looking for work but finally found a retail job recently. Over the last couple of year's we've exchanged a few "hey you look good" comments but I've never thought anything of it.

Xmas day her and her family come over. She is staying the night bc she is working the next day close to our house. Come 9pm, everyone leaves and my wife goes to bed with a headache and we are just watching the basketball games on tv. She starts complaining about having sore feet so I offer to rub them. I honestly didn't think anything of it until she sits up and asks me to rub the inside of her thighs. Now i'm starting to get hard and she notices. She moves my hand towards her pussy and reaches over to rub my cock from the outside. The whole time we are watching the game and don't make any eye contact. Finally, I turn around and pull down her pants and go down on her. Her pussy tastes amazing!! Tight, pink, just perfect. After about 10 minutes I spread her very athletic legs and fuck her on the couch. She starts to get loud so I cover her mouth and I've never been turned on more in my entire life. I finally get close to the end and pull out and come all over her stomach and tits. She says "that's so hot" and smears it around on herself.

We go and clean up and she just says "good night" and then goes to bed and leaves for work the next morning before I wake up. Haven't heard anything from her since. I have jacked off about 6 times since then thinking about it!!

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  • Must have been tough to pull out of that. Hope you lasted long enough for her to have an orgasm too.

  • Wow, is she married, and if so was her husband there? Does your wife know you fucked her? Would you do it again?

  • She is single. my wife has no idea. hell ya id do it again!!

  • It's called football,not soccer you dumb yank.

  • Who gives a fuck about soccer or football he talking about fucking a tight fresh tasting pussy you dumb fuck

  • You're the dumb fuck if you believe that!

  • Hey, even in Canada we call it soccer to instantly know the difference from American football, and we are one of the Colonies.

  • Well why the hell did they name their sport "football" when they pick it up and run around with it?So of course they start playing a sport the rest of the world have been playing for years and decide " oh we need to rename this sport,cuz we're thick as shit and really don't wanna confuse the nation."

  • Because the ball is a foot long dumb ass. aka 12 more inches than in your pants.

  • Its got nothing to do with ball length.

  • Hey lets play some footlongball?Stupid yanks.

  • That's not what your wife said last night.

  • Hott.

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