I love to expose myself to women, the younger the better. Younger girls seem to be more interested because it's new. What's the big deal with nudity?

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  • A child is a child,so keep your fucking hands of them,

  • Some off them love it.....

  • Exhibitionism is good although I am the opposite I am voyeur .

  • I agree, we need more nudity so that it is not such a big deal. Young girls are very interested in nude men because it's different. I think we should show them more so they think it's not that big of a deal. Then it won't be such a mystery.

  • You have any stories....

  • I do, but there probably not that interesting. I've got a 13 year old daughter that has seen me naked numerous times. We freely change clothes in front of each other and I have even had her walk in on me showering several times. I've got to admit, it makes me hard when I know she can see me. I stoked my cock in the shower while she watched the other day. Not enough to cum, but it was damn close. There's not a lot of "closed doors" in our house. I've seen her naked on several occasions when she showers at night. We just don't make a big deal of it. But seeing that young nude body is quite a turn-on. When she has friends spend the night it gets even better. But that's a story for another time.

  • Are you there...

  • She sounds amazeing and just like our girls. What does she lool like. Theres nothing better and ever catch her masterbateing.....

  • She's about 5'-6" slender body with long blonde hair. Tiny budding breasts and a clean almost hairless pussy. I haven't caught her masturbating yet, but plenty of times nude. I get an instant hard-on. Have you seen your girls masturbate? What's that like?

  • Thank you and got me hard. She sounds amazeing and love them budding breasts and allmost hairless pussy.? Only caught our ten year old copil off days ago masterbateing. She was lyeing on her bed naked and spread eagle. Pulling at her pussy lips and fingering herself. Her little clit and pink folds ware amazeing. Shes allmost flat chested with tiny buds and pink nipples and I allmost came on spot as i watched her. Shes also blonde and about 4"-4" and have caught her and our other two many times. Your daughter sounds like a jem. Do you mind me asking you if your wife or you use spanking as part off discipline on your daughter. As my wife and i do and i admit it gets me hard spanking them or watching my wife administer a spanking too them...

  • I spank my daughter. She turned 15 in July and she’s been getting spanked for years. Her mother abandoned the family when she was 3 so it’s been just us since. We have a system set up, any time she does something wrong that she shouldn’t have or misbehaves, she comes into my room at night before bed when I’m doing work on the laptop, she says I’m ready for my spanking now daddy, unbuttons and unzips her little shorts and bends over the bed. I get up and stand behind her, pull her shorts and panties off, and spank her until I get tired and her ass is nice and red. I tell her she’s been a good girl for taking her spanking as I pull my shorts off and start fucking her. After I cum on her ass or face, I tell her Now go shower and go to bed. She’s normally a really good girl, but every now and then she does something she needs to pay the price for.

  • Do you think I should beat the hell out of her ass next time? I’ve always smacked it at a certain speed as long as I could, but I really want to be rough with her while she lays on her stomach.

  • Not a beating. But a spanking as i suggest as my wife and i do...

  • You’re right. I don’t know what I’m thinking sometimes. She is a good sweet girl, she doesn’t deserve to have her ass spanked that bad. I don’t want her to hate me either for it. There really is a lack of spanking in the world. It makes you a better person.

  • Please let us know.how you get on. We suggest 15 is still a litle girls. As my wife and I have three..

  • Just give her a p roper over the knee spanking. Like my wife and I do. Remember shes the child..

  • I suggest takeing her over your knee as we do with our gitls and smack her bottom with your hand and maybe hairbrush..

  • Wow she sounds amazeing and you have done a wonderfull job off rareing her on your own. What does she look like and i love how she understands when she knows shes done bold stuff and accepts her spanking. Does she cry when you spank her and what a bond you must have that you cumm all over her. I wish our daughters would not put up a fight anytime my wife spank them..

  • She used to cry the first few years I spanked her, but she got older and handled it better. She still hates it. After I started spanking her and fucking her for being bad, I thought we can get something else set up for when she really wants something expensive or to go to a concert. With all the bills I deal with, I told her she needs to show me she really wants it. I pulled my dick out for her and told her to suck it. After she gets what she wants or gets back from the concert, I lay her down and get me a taste of her of what I’m in the mood for. To answer your question, she has dark brown hair with blonde streaks that she likes to change between straight and wavy and different hairstyles, nice medium squeezable tits with small puffy nipples, a line of hair above her little pussy, and an extremely soft body from head to toe. I would spend all day and night licking her and enjoying every part if I really wanted to.

  • Lucky daddy...

  • You do anything else happen with your daughter..

  • Our daughter is a little too old for spanking, although that would be quite a turn on. I'd love to watch your 10 year old playing with herself. I know my daughter does but I just haven't seen her do it yet. She watched me masturbate in the bedroom just tonight, and I'm about to go up and put her to bed. I often give her a light massage before bed, and that's when I've been able to feel her pussy. She's also felt my cock through my pajamas during that time. Her pussy lips are so clean and sweet, and so wet.

  • I shared custody of our daughter with my ex we lived only a few blocks apart so she was over all the time. It was winter and I took her snow mobile riding let got really cold out and we was both freezing by the time we got back. We was staying in a cabin we rented for the week I went to the shower getting undressed. My daughter opened the door I was naked she smiled saying I cheated she wanted to take a shower first. I asked if she wanted to take one with me while she was 12years old at the time. It had been many years since taking one with me she didn’t hesitate saying sure she was cold. She stripped right there her body like a little lady budding tits and just a tiny patch of pubes she got into the showe. I stepped in and instantly was getting rock hard her eyes got big she didn’t blink or turn away. She had a smile I apologized saying your body is very sexy she giggled saying it was ok thanking me for the compliment. Maneuvering around my cock hitting and rubbing against her body she didn’t seem to mind. She kept smiling stairing at it cock I was obviously enjoying checking her out and didn’t hide it. I started stroking my cock using soap acting like I was washing it but actually jacking off facing her. At this point I didn’t care hiding the fact I was pressuring myself sexually risking her reaction. Luckily she was still smiling and was soaping around her nipples while watching me jack off. I came very close to blowing my load on her but reserved from doing so. As we got out we was talking drying off she wasn’t in any hurry trying to get dressed. So I didn’t bother either we was flirting and suggestive smiles still naked we was in the room next to the bed. I gripped the base of my cock squeezing my 8 3/4” cock I’m on the thick side and squeezing it made it even thicker.

  • Her eyes opened wide smiling, your so sexy your making me hard sexy I told her moving closer. She winked saying your really big daddy, I thanked her asking if she was still cold and wanted to cuddle under the covers. She bit her lips smiling saying sure we got under the covers and cuddled impressed my cock against her pussy. She was grinding her pussy my hand was on her bubble butt holding her tight against me. Either of us was shy about humping with out actually penetration and started making out. I told her I wanted to make her have an orgasm she moaned and smiled I lowered moving my mouth to her pussy. Like her mom she has thick long pussy lips I sucked into my mouth enjoying for awhile. Then I worked her clit making her orgasm her tiny body quivered in my arms. I fingered her I have long thick fingers she didn’t have a cherry and wasn’t tight but not loose. I made her orgasm several more times she opened her thighs very wide. She gave me the look of desire I moved up kissing her mouth pressing the head of my cock against her open pussy. She moaned and pulled me toward her I pressed into she was very tight to fit into. She grunted as I slipped deeper and deeper till we was complete I fucked her for about 45 minutes before pressing as deep as I could filling her with cum. Continue

  • How you. Have you thought anymore about bringing back spanking your daughter as part off discipline. Im sure there be some tantrums and protesting on your little girls part. But the benefits will be amazeing and im sure theres being many times since you stopped spanking her that shes neededa trip over your knee. Please lets know how your getting on with your little angel..

  • Please reconsider returning too useing spanking as part off discipline her. You can explain too her that for certain rules broken she will be spanked or for answering back and so on. Shes sweet and would love too see her bare pussy as you rubb her...

  • Sorry too disagrree about spankings as our eldest is just a little older than your daughter and we also spank her. Maybe something you could think off returning too for certain things. She realy sounds amazeing and you better go up and give her that back rubb and run your hands along.her little slit. Does she buckle when you touch her or whats her reaction..

  • I may reconsider bringing back the spankings. Tonight when I put her to bed she just had on a nightshirt and no panties. I was able to give her a massage that included many passes over her ass and around her pussy. She squirms a bit but moans in delight. My dick was sticking straight out of my pajama shorts! She pulled on it a few times but nothing more. My how I would like to taste that pussy. I licked my fingers profusely when I left.

  • Anymore thoughts on spanking your daughter....

  • Take it you desccided against spanking your daughter again as discipline...

  • You consonsidering returning too useing spanking as part off her discipline. It work and trust me on that..

  • Is your little doll assleep and have you giveing anymore thought too returning too spanking your daughter...

  • Shes a darling your daughter and what she taste like. I would love too taste her as i would our own girls. Bet she sleeps well after you rubb her bare little pussy. Be firm with your daughter when telling her your going too start useing spanking as discipline again and she will allmost yell and protest but stay firm and if needed and she wont except it then i would say give her one on the spot and remind her your the adult and you descide what her punishment will be for wrong behaviour. I can say i allways get hard as said giveing our daughters spankings or watching my wife give them one..

  • Yes theres a huge taboo on it and makes it crazy. My wife and i were on one dureing the summer and there was a little girl know older than eleven sprawled out in a deck chair completley naked and openley playing with herself and pulling her tiny pussy lips open and fingering herself. I admit it made me hard looking at her little bare pussy and clit with pink folds and allmost flat chest. I felt bad for the poor girl as a copil off minutes into it with her eyes closed i take it was her mother came up and lifted her up and smacked her bottom maybe half dozen times and marched off with her little sobbing daughter in hand. Few hours later their was know dought her mommy went too town on her back at their apartment as the little girls eyes were very red from crying. But i may add not ass red as her tight little bottom and top half off her legs. Poor little doll.....

  • Holy shit. Are you 5? You can't spell for shit.

  • This person is pretending to be a hundred different people, all just to talk about spanking and underage girls.

  • I go too nudist resorts twice a year and love looking at all the preteen pussy....

  • I've thought about joining just for that reason. Plus the fact that I'm an exhibitionist, but hey, seeing your pussy is the best part.

  • Its hard not too get hard looking...

  • I know! I love to look at naked bodies. I get off looking at my own. I shave my cock and balls because I think it looks better. And it makes masturbating that much more enjoyable.

  • There is not a thing wrong with nudity. There is when it's forced upon someone that has no interest in seeing your little pee pee.

  • Hey are you a GOP member of Congress? Do you expose yourself to women in your office?

  • I'm not really into politics but since you brought it up, you should probably pay closer attention to the news. I believe its been mostly Dems losing their jobs for sexual misconduct.

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