I was at the gym last night

I go to the gym at night to work off the winter blues after work and to keep motivated. Usually there's not too many people at the time I go and I get my choice of machines with no waiting. I'm pretty horny all the time and started getting a hard on while doing some light leg presses, it was pushing against my shorts and making it's way to the leg opening. I was a little embarrassed so I stopped and sat with my towel in my lap, even though there was no one super close to me.

I resumed my workout and still the boner kept showing up in my shorts. I was super horny at this point so I decided to go take a shower. While in there I decided I could probably rub one out and no one would know. I went to my locker and got my shower bag that I keep butt plug in and some lube. I tend to utilize these things often, just never here before and I was feeling a little brave and probably too safe.

To the shower, I cleaned and squatted down to insert my plug, which I really like to be in there when I jerk off. got it in pretty easy and my libido was suddenly off the charts, blood was pumping to my head in excitement and I felt that disoriented feeling that comes with adrenaline and excitement. I thought I was hyper aware and could hear anyone come in and could just stand up and finish my shower and leave in case.

I let myself go and squatted down to the floor, spread my legs and exposed my ass filled with the plug and just started going at it, I heard nothing except me and the shower so I thought I was safe. Damn, I as not safe. I opened my eyes and there were two guys standing there peaking into the stall trying not to be seen. I freaked out a bit and one guy said, no, no finish up.

So I did. I was so in the moment and so turned on by doing this in the gym shower that I leaned back, spread my legs further, grabbed the plug and worked it in and out of my hole and stroked myself until I came hard. These two guys watching me and stroking themselves though their shorts.

When I finished I just rinsed off , went to my locker and got dressed and left.

No other words were spoken.

Does this sort of thing happen all the time? it seemed like maybe it did and these guys weren't mad or shocked at all.

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  • I workout at a Lifetime fitness and every so often there is a guy who kneels in one of the shower stalls and give head. First time I saw it going on I was totally surprised by it but now I just let him suck mine. I have no idea why he does it, he is probably 60 or so but he can suck cock really great.

  • He just likes to suck the dick. Good for him

  • So very erotic.

  • Nope, all true. I changed my workout time for now because I'm a bit embarrassed. I need to go back to the original time though

  • I loved the story, real experiences.

  • Mmmm. So hot.

  • Stop telling lies, bet you have had a couple of wanks while reading your fantasy eh ?

  • No because you made it all up.

  • Really hot story

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