Set me free

My mind often wonders to more instinctive things after dark. I find myself desperate to reveal my true self. I want to be tied down to a table and ravished. I want to feel desirable and unleash a mans inability to hold back. I have a desire to be roughed up and taken mercilessly. I want him to talk dirty to me while he fucks me like a rapist. Choke me and call me a wanton little whore, a horny cock hungry slut who deserves to be fucked right. Yet, I want him to coax me into giving in to what I really am, for him to allow me to cry out with pleasure and reach the highest bliss of being unashamed of my sexual needs.

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  • I will coax you into it with barely audible suggestions as I pass by at work. The kind you almost didn’t hear but you still know what I said. You know because it stirred your soul when you heard the words, and now realize that someone else has noticed your needs. Needs that you thought were well hidden.

    This will go on for a bit, and you and I will be the only ones who know, but it might be that you think others do too so you will look around each time to see who noticed me saying something, but there was no one.

    One day I will see you alone for a moment and come near from behind and whisper to you “I know what you are, and you know too. I know what you need, and how to give it to you”.

    I will tell you not to turn around, just nod your head in understanding and meet me at the appointed place later.


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