My Boyfriend Mouthfucks Me While He's Sleeping...

My boyfriend is 28 and I'm 17 (female). He has a REALLY big dick but it doesn't get super hard. It gets really big and fat but not hard like most guys do.

One night we were watching TV and I had my head in his lap and he fell asleep. I was really horny. He was wearing sweatpants so I pulled down the waistband and started sucking his big FAT dick. Even when it's soft it's like 8 inches and I have to open my mouth wide. It's really fun to suck even though it's huge because it's kind of squishy and meaty. It fills my mouth up but softly instead of feeling like I'm gagging on a broomstick with most guys. It's almost like I'm eating something sensuous. I love the way his dick fills up my mouth. I've never had any other boyfriend with a dick like his.

He started moving his hips the way he does when he fucks me, which is slow and nasty but he was fucking my mouth! He was doing it really slow and only pushing his dick in a couple of inches and I LOVED the way it felt! It was so hot! I started to get off myself! I started fingering my pussy while he fucked my mouth.

He fucked my mouth for an hour and he was asleep the whole time and I had two orgasms! He was moaning softly and when he finally started to come he woke up, exploded in my mouth and then fell asleep again.

I don't know why but I LOVE this! We do it all the time now. I love the way he pumps and fucks my mouth so slowly and softly.

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  • I like to suck dick while I watch tv. It calms me.

  • That's how we started. I just like the way his dick feels in my mouth so I would suck it while we watched TV but then he fell asleep and started fucking my mouth in his sleep and I LOVE it!!!

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