My Hotwife turned me into a cuckold!

I got the txt that said "I went...details later"! I was instantly hard.
Five years ago we started this journey into hotwife/cuckdom and it was all down to this. She started a new job and got to know one of the regular clients very well, so much in fact he asked her out for coffee, when she told me I said to go ahead (knowing she really liked him). 2 or 3 coffee dates later and on a Monday morning I was going to work (her day off), I asked her what she had planned and she told me she "might" have coffee with her boyfriend (giggle)
Through the whole morning I was nearly crazy , but not with jealousy...Lust!
My cock was hard and leaking and my heart was pounding. It was near noon and I was on my way home on a short day. I had to did you go for coffee with your BF? lol

"I went... details later"

"Not even a hint?" I asked

"He has a nice cock, But I Like yours too!"
We pretty much met at the front door she had a big grin on her face and I said "upstairs". I was naked on the bed getting hard and I said " come cuddle and tell me all about it"
"Well we were drinking our coffee and he decided to give the "tour". When he took into the bedroom, the curtains were pulled and candlelight filled the room, so I asked him what he had planned and he said nothing if you don't want to, but I would really like to take that shirt off, as he is lifting it up. He strips me completely then lifts me up and lays me on the bed. He strips off and joins me by licking my pussy getting me really wet and then sliding his cock in"
I was just about delirious, I had to stop stroking I almost went.
Wifey then said " Then I had him lay down and sucked his balls and took his cock deep just like you like it. I had him nice and hard and I hopped on top, but I only got two strokes in and he filled my pussy"
"really?" I said

"Yes...Is that ok?"

"As long as he's fixed and clean"

"He is"

"Then cool, let me have some!"

And with that she flipped and spread her legs to show me a freshly fucked pussy...I was on it, their mixed juices and her wet pussy were just heavenly
She was in orgasm within a minute...afterwards I had my turn, Reminding her how sexy she is until I could take it and came.
It has taken five years, But now I can say "I am a cuckold", "I have a Hotwife and I love it!"
We are open and honest I am twice as affectionate (its true guys) and twice as horny hehe. Meanwhile Wifey thinks it might be an interesting journey

She might be right!
cuck in Canada.

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  • Where in canada? im in toronto. share her ;-)

  • NS.

  • Have patience and be supportive... For us our sex life and intimacy has increased 10 fold, although not for everyone it can be an exciting journey

  • I can't explain it, but at some point I realized I wanted other men to be able to see my wife's chest, and that grew into wanting to watch her blow some guy and then to watch her be taken and used as a sex toy for other men.

  • Please stop calling her hot wife.

  • Why? she is my wife and she is hot!!! nuff said.

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