A question

How many people from here attract to little girls ?
If yes I won't consider you as pedophile because I know someone can sexual aroused by a little girl without being a pedophile.
Perhaps a girl at 11 or 12 do you prefer this girl be an innocent modest or a little slut ?

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  • I am.

  • I'm a lesbian and I'm attracted to young girls 12 and below. I'm 15 btw i just get so wet imaging a small girl eating me out and sucking my tits

  • Very young girls I have no interest in but once they start going into puberty gads I love em to death.
    My own niece she was 13 going on to 14 and she really didn't have tits so to speak but what she had was puffy aurora's topped with protruding nipples and they would show thru whatever she was wearing and a lot of times that was just t shirts cut off just below her boobs. The shorts she wore her mother should have never let her wear. Cut off jeans without any legs at all I mean right against her puss and a lot of times she never wore underwear and I got ore glimpse of her pussy as she developed into a young lady. Lady hell she was a little prick tease from the word tease and I think she did it on purpose for she gave me so many boners over the years my mind really started to imagine things and I had to go into the bathroom to relieve myself far to many times.

  • 13 is such a great age. She didn't where underwear?? Yep, she was a little prick tease. I agree, It sounds like she did it on purpose. I would have had to go into the bathroom to relieve myself too. There is only so much a guy can take..
    Did you ever do anything else?

  • Im the one with three daughters and my wife and i and our girls go around house naked. Your niece sounds amazeing and realy sexy..

  • Living a nudist life style is great but having 3 daughters & a wife walking around nude would be challenging for me. My penis would be hard all the time.

  • I'm about to become an adult, I'm just 17 but I'm still attracted to girls more in the age-group of five to twelve, in addition to normal, legal ages. It's most likely stemmed from how I was introduced to se at about nine, by a girl next door who was about six or five at the time, maybe younger. I remember she showed off her body and I found it very enjoyable, although back then I had no idea why, I just knew it was nice. I also showed off myself, probably the source of my light exhibition fetish, but in any case... that continued for a while until I got caught, and since then, I've never had the ability to find anything sexy if it weren't also cute, so to answer your second question, innocent modest and sweet as a cherry. I'm wondering, honestly hoping, that I grow out of it very soon, because not only can it land me in jail if I'm not careful, if I act on my feelings, I could permanently harm some innocent young girl, maybe even my own daughter, scarring her for life and taking her innocence. I can't and refuse to let this happen, so even if I don't grow out of it, I'm gonna find a wife who understands and is willing to help me keep my dark desires at bay. Can anyone relate? Anyone else ashamed or scared of their desires? I know I am.

  • I can share some stuff that happend too me when i was little and witnessed lots off stuff. Would like too chat too you..

  • I would like to share.

  • Hey, I don't mind chatting, although you could work on your toos and tos...

  • Sorry if my spellings offends you in anyway. I left school before i was twelve too look after my mom and two younger sisters. My dad was abusive too us all in many ways and left us when i was ten. So i got work too support mom in what way i could.

  • It's fine, you can go on, I'm listening

  • I have three daughters with my beautyfull wife and we have three stunning daughters ages as i said in previous posts ages 9,11 and allmost 13. We all walk around house naked and our girls see my erection lots off times. Their little pussys drive me crazy and have seeing each off them masterbateing many times and our youngest will do it in lounge and not care in the world as she pulls her little hairless pussy lips open and shows her pink folds and tiny clit and fingers her little pussy in lounge. Our two youngest have not got a single hair on their preteen pussys and allmost flat chested and our eldest is just after getting her first training bra which she hardley needs and is as allmost as bald as her sisters apart from some blonde fuzz on her pussy. But you can still clearly see her tiny slit and cute clit. They all make me so hard as they walk and sit around naked and show their sweet charms too daddy. Love when they sit indian style and their little pussys open and can see their clits and pink folds and tight rectrums. Theirs nothing better than lookin at those sweet young bodys.

  • The thought of a young innocent girl is a real turn-on for me. Their young fresh bodies and hairless pussies are a treasure. I like to expose myself to them and get a reaction. Many times they will continue to watch as I masturbate because they are curious. The bold ones will want to touch me.

  • I agree with you, the thought of a young innocent girl is a real turn-on for me too. Their young fresh bodies and hairless pussies get my dick hard just thinking about it! Have you had the opportunity to be touched?

  • You there and like too chat..

  • I absolutely agree

  • Any stories....

  • You there..

  • I sometimes walk around the mall ans catch the attention off little preteens or little older. Ages from eight too 14 and rubb my dick on outside as follow them around. Its great too look at their little faces and often catch them staeing and rubbing their little crotches. I just know their fingering their tight pussys too me when they get home. Have seeing some not wareing panties. Little teases...

  • I wish I could watch them see when they play with themselves .

  • Me too.

  • Have you seeing them masterbateing. Their cute hairless bodys. Tiny preteen erect little hairlrless dicks and equaly cute little hairless pussys and rubbing your hands all over their tight little asses..

  • I would love to watch them masturbate. Their is just something about a tiny preteen little hair less dick & pussy that are such a turn on for me.
    Being able to rub our hands all over their tight little asses would be a dream.

  • I would like it too .

  • I have stories...

  • Agreed. Whats age group and i have seeing many naked. So hot....

  • I am not a pedophile. I am not attracted to children and would never hurt one. I get really wet when I read about men with little girls, though. It really turns me on.

  • Its sexy as fuck....

  • I m not a pedophile too and when I heard about men and little girls or boys I like it

  • Someone who is attracted to little, prepubescent girls, IS a pedophile. That said, not all pedophiles molest children or engage in illegal activities, but the chances are very good that they will. If you find yourself sexually attracted to little kids, you owe it to society to seek psychiatric help, or just kill yourself, to be assured that you never harm any children.

  • I am not pedophile , i only find relationships betweet an adult and a child very cute , i dont mean that they are doing sex , perhaps there is an 10-11 year old girl and a 40 year old man and hug each other , talking about stuff , and being like her daddy and at night he softy touch her vagina and she enjoy it so much.

  • Yes its sweet...

  • Nice and the thought off running my hands all over a cute preteen girls nude body and running my finger along her tiny hairless slit and then dipping it inside her and licking her little pussy and sucking her little nipples and budding breasts and putting my cock at enterance too her tight pussy and filling her with my cock and cumming deep in her as i suck and lick her nipples.....

  • So sweet !

  • I know its ironic but i am not really a pedophile , i like adults , but when i read that an adults and a child are together and the child likes it i turn on ,

  • Its ironic that you reading about an adults and a child together and the child liking it is a turn on, because I was with a man at age 9 & up and loved every minuet of it.

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