Regretting what I've done

I have for a long time fantasized about having sex with my stepdaughter but never really wanted to do this knowing the reprocussions would probably mean my wife and I divorcing. She was 18 and still living at home with us . One night she came home drunk from a party and passed out on our couch downstairs. I heard her come in at about 2 am. in the morning and went downstairs to find her passed out with her legs open with short shorts on that revealed her panties and a little bitof her pubic hair showing . I wanted so bad to lick her but didn't want her to wake up. I wanted my cum in her so badly. I came inside a turkey baster and carefully pushed her panties to the side and flooded her pussy with my seed without touching her. Just seeing my milky baby batter on her looked so awesome. After I did this I was worried that I might have impregnated her but that never happened thankfully. I to this day regret having done this , as I was wrong to have done this as I feel guilty now. I know I'm a filthy perv .

1 month ago

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    • Your turkey baster fun reminds me of something I did when I was in the 6th grade, I would buy several packs of gum, open both packages open the foil up and masterbate and put a few drops of cum on the gum in one pack and give all the girls in class those ones and the guys got the other ones, I was such a little perv back then lol

    • My step daughter came home drunk with her friend. She’s 28 years old, the Uber driver had to ring the doorbell and I had to carry them inside. After I got them to her room, she thought I was her boy friend and started kissing me and rubbing my crotch. I gave in and had sex with her, she was definitely better than the wife. I didn’t cum inside of her, but I did manage to get her to unlock her phone and sent all the nudes pics to my phone

    • Love to see

    • Share the pictures. My 2 stepdaughters were the same and yes MUCH better than mom lol

    • Should have cum inside her planted that seed in her mom and her

    • I did actually😁

    • Nothing better than a drunk daughter falling out of her clothes similar thing happened with my busty 18 year old daughter though i just looked and fondled didnt fill her with my cum though I really wanted to fuck her.

    • Should have taken pictures lol

    • I think if wife wasntxasleep upstairs I'd have fucked her

    • Pictures to masturbate to are great

    • I remember every inch of her body

    • Yes. Memories are great aren't they

    • Better when you can look and fondle too

    • Of course. I still keep pictures of mine just to have some fun lol

    • You should have. I did both of mind

    • Mine 27 now fit as hell, love to fill her with my cum, have her moaning on my hard cock

    • Mine were 19 and 23

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