New fetish

I have to confess. I seen a girl get licked by her dog. And omg did I get horny. Seeing his big long tounge go inside her pussy and her moaning. I got so hard. Now I think I got a new fetish. Girls and dogs. It's so sexy I love it. any girls who plays with their dogs sc: Andyc2104

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  • Maybe this isn't a new fetish , the things that can turn on a person are too many .
    Once I sexually aroused by two little boys who hug each other .
    But this doesn't make me a pedophile .

  • Im almost 12 and my dog licked my vagina and it felt nice and im still in my room. My bitch mom grounded me for curseing at her and getting into trouble at school again. I hate her and shes a dumb ass bitch and its realy boreing. Shes going out later and im sneaking out to go to my friends party. Please does anybody think my moms a cow and she said she spank me again if I dont stop. Shes just stupid and a dumb ass..

  • Sasha that's you again isn't it ? telling your little fibies aren't you, stop it
    Get back to your stupid boyfriend post or are you getting sick of that ? you old pedo !!!


  • Add me on Snapchat plz. . Andyc2104. Say dog so I know it's u.

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